Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Surround Me

Game Rules:
  1. Put your music player on shuffle (all music).
  2. For each question press the next button to get your answer
  3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!
  4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing the game as well as the person you got the game from.

If someone says "Is this ok?" you say:
You're Welcome/ The Beach Boys

What would best describe your personality?
Dancin/ Olivia Newton John

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Independent Trucker/ Brooks and Dunn (that is funny!)

How do you feel today?
The Lucky One/ Alison Krauss & Union Station

What is your motto?
I Don't Want to Know/ Fleetwood Mac (That is freakishly true)

What do your friends think of you?
I Know What I Like/ Huey Lewis & the News

What do you think about very often?
It's a Hard Life/ Queen (yeah me and Queen we are on the same page)

What is 2+2?
Live Those Songs/ Kenney Chesney

What do you think of your best friend?
Hope Has a Place/ Enya

What do you think of the person you like?
Where Does My Heart Beat Now/ Celine Dion

What is your life story?
Caught/ Nylons

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Touch Me When We're Dancing/ Carpenters (Wow Carpenters. Blushing!)

What do you think when you see the person you like?
Hit Me With Your Best Shot/ Pat Benetar (Hahaha!)

What do your parents thing of you?
Don't/ Jewel (I think that was a word they used for their other children...I was perfect)

What will they play at your funeral?
Make Believe It's Your First Time/ Carpenters (That is hilarious!)

What is your biggest secret?
May It Be/ Hayley Westerna

What do you think of your friends?
Sea Cruise/ Beach Boys

What the worst thing that could happen?
Immenso/ Andrea Bocelli (Umm I hope that is not too bad??!?!?)

How will you die?
Those Canaan Days/ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat

What is the one thing you regret?
I Walk the Line/ Joaquin Phoenix

What makes you laugh?
Memory/ Cats

What makes you cry?
Bruises/ Chairlift (yeah bruises do make me cry!)

Will you ever get married?
If Love Was a Plane/ Brad Paisley (what does that mean? I will get married on a plane?LOL)

Does anyone like you?
Sweet Surrender/ Sarah McLachlan

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Those Sweet Words/ Norah Jones

What hurts right now?
Hurts So Good/ John Mellencamp (honestly I can't believe this song came up!LOL)

What will you post this as?
You Surround Me/ Erasure

This was fun I am taggins all my friends who want to give it a shot :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is a Feeling

Sam and his class did such an amazing job at their school Christmas program. I love that Sam goes to a religious school and we can call it the Christmas program. He had a wonderful time singing Feliz Navidad, Hallelujah Christmas and City of David. Afterward they had a reception with candies and goodies the children made themselves. It was a wonderful night.

After the performace Sam and I got our picture taken. The performance was in the beautiful sanctuary of the 1st Presbyterian church.

I do not know what possessed me to let Sam dress in boots, a swimming suit and an old t-shirt from when he was a baby to decorate for Christmas. But more than that what possessed me to take a picture! :) We had a wonderful time listening to music and decorating the tree.

This was the first year we tried the gingerbread thing. We had a lot of fun though not a lot of success. It kept falling apart but it did stay together for the picture. We had a lot of fun again listening to Christmas music and enjoying being together. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

We invited our friend Ellen over for dinner and Sam was so excited that he made name cards for each of us...

Here is the table set by Sam. Isn't it pretty. He did a very fine job. We had a wonderful soup (which Sam would not eat) and rolls and Lion House Honey butter (which Sam would not try) but he did eat the roll.

After dinner Sam and Ellen played Wii. We all had a great time.
Last night Sam had a homework project. He had to list his favorite Christmas traditions. It was really fun to sit and talk to him about what Christmas means to him. His favorite Christmas treats are mint M&Ms and cuties (little oranges). His favorite Christmas tradition is getting new pajamas on Christmas morning and celebrating Jesus's birthday.
I love the feeling of Christmas. May the joy of the season surround you. Merry Christmas with love ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Story of Thanksgiving

This morning when we were driving into work Sam asked me if I knew why we celebrate Thanksgiving. I told him I think so but what was his idea. He told me he was going to tell me a story.

Once there was a very bossy king. He was so bossy he made all the people do his laundry. The pirates were sick of the bossy king. They waited and waited and waited until night and then got on the ships. Then they swayed (imagine Sam swaying back and forth). The pirates got sea sick. They had to poo. It was smelly. They got to America. The Native Americans said ‘welcome’ and they had a feast.

Who knew that was why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I also got in trouble for saying Indian. It is Native American for you politically correct people. But I think it would be fun to have the Indians and Pirates play a game of baseball at the feast.

People my son is hilarious. A boy from next door gave Sam his art table. Sam was so excited. He told me it is his office. He told me not to tell anyone because it is his secret identity. I pinky promised not to tell his friends at school. He and Bruce Wayne had a lot in common.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Halloween - better late than never...

Sam the Clone. He loves Star Wars. And he was very excited about his awesome Clone Wars costume.

Sam and his good buddy Hunter. They had so much fun at the trunk or treat. And if you note their little bags are bursting. They got a ton of candy and we still had house to house trick or treating ... !!!

Sam and his awesome teacher Jeddah. She is so much fun. Sam and I both loved her Queen of Hearts costume. I want to steal it for next year!

I sure love my boy. We had a great Halloween.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Quirky Me - Tagged by Jenny

Random Quirks
Here are the rules: "MY UNSPECTACULAR QUIRKS"

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged
So my talented friend, Jenny, tagged me.
Okay, here goes:

I am not a cleaning queen like Jenny but I must have my Mr. Clean blue Febreeze cleaner. I cannot live without it. I ran out once and the store didn't have it so I bought something else. NEVER AGAIN. I broke the Sabbath to go to a different store and buy the stuff. I don't know what I will do if they discontinue it, course I buy enough to keep it in high demand.

I love photoshop. My favorite thing to do is fix my teeth. I am not going to tell you the problem I have with my teeth cause you will notice it once I tell you but in pictures it is always perfect. I love digital deception

I have a secret crush on 007. Now of course it is no longer a secret. I love all the Bond movies but I am especially crushed for the new Bond. Quantum of Solice coming soon!

I love to watch Avatar with my son. Who knew I would get into Americanized Anime. Aang is so cute. But I love Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. I think the world is really fun and if I could pick I would be a firebender. Yea that would be awesome.

I love to read fantasy. But I also love fantasy art. I wish I had the ability to create my own but I use other people's art to fuel my writing. Quirky, I know ...

    I eat M&Ms by color. I dump out the whole bag sort and then eat by twos. If there is an odd number it really throws me.
Time to Tag ... I'm taggin'
Katie, Bethany, Danielle, Sally, Jamie & Alita

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tradition - Wheeler Farm

On the Hayride
Sam the pony man!

Looking for the perfect pumkin!

Oooooh scary batman!

We had a wonderful day!

Sam and I have a tradition and every year we go to Wheeler Farm for their Scarecrow days. We go on a hayride, pick out pumkins, walk around the farm, Sam goes on pony rides and of course Sam gets his face painted which he loves. This is was especially beautiful. We were there for about four hours just taking in the beautiful day. We got to see baby pigs and chickens. We fed the ducks. Sam got candy at the fish pond. It was a great day. We just could not go home because they weather was too nice so we grabbed some lunch and went to Liberty park. I think we were outside for a good six hours. It was glorious. I love fall!

Maisie Dobbs - Review

I read one of the sequels first so I was a little surprised by how this book flowed but I loved it nevertheless. I usually read straight mysteries with very little character development (you know like Agatha Christie novels where Miss Marple does not grow, change or develop in any way – I am not saying it is bad I am just saying it is true!).

But this mystery is about Maisie and how the mystery affects her. I can’t say that I enjoyed reading about the war but it made the characters actions much more understandable. At the beginning Maisie is hired to investigate a seemingly simple case of infidelity and is soon enmeshed in a case that sends her back into her past and forces her to face pains she would soon forget.

Through a series of flashbacks we discover that Maisie lost her mother. Then her father, who loved her very much but couldn’t support her, sent her to be a maid in an aristocratic family, I love how she would sneak into the Library to read their books. The Lady of the house recognizes Maisie’s talent and intelligence and arranges for Maisie to be tutored while continuing her employ as a maid. Eventually she qualifies to attend Girton College at Cambridge. But sadly before she could complete her education the Great War breaks out and she joins up as a nurse. She falls in love with a young doctor. She then manages to survive three years of harrowing experiences. But sadly just before the war is over she is badly injured and her doctor dies. After recovering she finishes her education and becomes a private investigator using her knowledge of working class as well as her connection with the aristocracy.

As you can see the mystery is secondary to the development of Maisie. I think this is a great book. I would recommend it to any reader. You don’t have to be a mystery reader to enjoy Maisie Dobbs. I have also read a couple of Jacqueline Winspear other books and would highly recommend those as well. Happy Reading!

November is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho which I am frantically reading because on November 1 to November 30 I will be participating in NaNoWriMo (which you may remember from last year is writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days).

Monday, October 6, 2008

Darth Vader Theme

So this morning we are driving into work and Sam is sitting in his booster chair singing at the top of his lungs BLAH, BLAH BLAH (yes he was saying blah!) the Darth Vader theme song. It was so funny that I almost got in an accident. The more I laughed the louder he got. He is going to be the blue storm trooper for Halloween. He is VERY excited about that. I just wanted to take moment to tell the world that I have the best son. He is the most humorous, loving, funny, frustrating, maddening, cuddly, happy, grouchy, helpful boy in the world. I am one fortunate mommy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is my birthday ... na, na, na, na ,na

I love birthdays. I know some people don't but I do. It is just fun. Even if it means getting one year older. I gotta alota love today. I have great friends, wonderful co-workers and awesome family that have made my day great. The only downside today has been me locking us out of the house this morning. I walked out Sam in front me with my bag, Sam's lunch and backpack but no keys. The door shut and boom we were locked out. I tried our looser landlord but since he is never there when you need him I guess I should not be surprised that he was not there even though his garage door was open with his car inside. Maybe he was running. Or maybe he took the bus. Whatever. He was there! Anyway. So I go back to my house and decide I am going to try and break in. I take my blockbuster card out of my wallet and go at the door. Guess what! It WORKED! I got the door open. It was a happy moment for as long as it took me to get the keys but then I thought, honestly, if I can break in who couldn't. So rethinking the way my front locks. But other than that it has been a glorious and wonderful day. Thanks to all for making me feel loved and special. You are all the BEST!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mormon Scientist

I do not often branch out of non-fiction but I was pleased with this read. The book, Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring, was a suggestion from a friend. I enjoy biographies but I was not sure about the science part. I would not say that it is a quick read but it was not laborious either. I found Henry’s whole story fascinating. He was a family man, a man of science and a man of faith.

To me he exemplified how we can live in this world today. I loved the idea that viewing the world is like a puzzle and just because things don’t match up exactly now does not mean that they will not. Science and religion can work together. One of my favorite quotes from the book was F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.” I love that: see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise. I think my favorite section of the book was the chapter Master of Contradictions.

I liked how he knew who he was and was never embarrassed about it. It never bothered him if people did not like him because his family was a polygamist family or that he was a Mormon or the way that he lived his science. I hope I can develop and understanding and confidence in myself that is that strong. To be able to stand up and say this is me – live with it.

Another one of my favorite quotes was what Henry Eyring said about one of his students. His son (I think) asked him why he did not give it to him (the student for not performing well) and Henry Eyring said: “The world knocks them down. I try to build them up.”

I admire his confidence, his belief and his determination. I liked when he said, “If an idea is wrong, it will fail; if it is right, nothing can stop it.”

I really enjoyed this book and I am glad that I purchased it because I would like to read it again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knife Clasp

So I went to the chiropractor. Come to find out that I have a deformity called Knife Clasp. I was born with it ... apparently. Anyway the lowest vertebrae is missing a part and the one above grew an extra long piece so when I bend backward the extra long piece sticks through my spin and hits my spinal cord causing pain. Fun huh. No more back bends for me. That is why it is called Knife Clasp because it hurts like a knife. So I guess when I say my back hurts I am not kidding. He said that it will only get worse as I get older. But that he can help me get back to almost 100% and then have a good place to start from. I'm young. I'm spry. So I have several appointment this week and then two weeks of two and I will learn some stretches and stuff and then once a month for a while until he gets it fixed as much as it can be fixed. Then we got to have the dreaded weight conversation. That is one of my favorite conversation. Like I don't know that I am overweight. Well now I had added motivation to get healthy. Knife in the back. Good motivation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Big Helper

Sam has been such a great helper since I hurt my back. He LOVES to do the dishes and he was very excited to get them all done. He also helped me make my bed (and he made his bed all by himself without me asking!) I need to do laundry tonight and I am sure he will happy to help.

This is a cute outfit that Sam's paternal grandmother sent him. I love it. He looks really good in orange I decided. He must have my coloring. But then again I look pretty darn good in any color (how's that for humble pie!) We are just heading off to school and work. I wanted to take pictures to send to Omi.
Sam loves Lego's and I mean he LOVES them. He gets the Lego magazine and he wants to have his picture taken with one of his creations and have it sent to the magazine. So this is one of them. This is called an "Intelligent Weapon" that is what he called it. I think he just learned the world intelligent because he uses it all the time. That and boring. Everything is boring. Which is funny because I read a lot of British literature and they like that word too. The Lego magazine is really fun but sometimes it has stuff in it that drives me crazy. Like they showed the new death star Lego thing and guess who wants it? Sam does. Guess how much it costs? Come one ... guess. $400. No I did not make a typo. It is FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS! Who spends that kind of money on Legos? I guess someone but certainly not us. So Sam's loves are Lego anything, Shiny Knight anything and Star Wars anything.

As a side note I am going to the chiropractor today at 3:00 p.m. and I hope I am feeling much better tomorrow. Here's to hope.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back Pain

So this is me ... no, not literally, figuratively speaking. I have a red glowing, painfully aggravating, throbbing ache pulsing in my lower back. It all started the Sunday before last when I tripped on some stairs. You know the experience you are up again before you even hit the floor looking around at all your family and friends swearing that you are just fine and trying to hide the mortification written all over your face. Yes that was the experience. But I honestly did not think I was that hurt. My shins hurts more than anything but this past week has been, well, painful. And the frustrating part (on top of the pain part) is that I have a lot to do. I have my newly beautified entertainment center to put back together. I have my bedroom that I tore apart to put back together. I have my garage to clean out and get ready for the cold season so that I can park my car inside because I will park in the garage before it gets cold. Back pain or no. And one more complaint do you know what hurts the worst? Sitting. Do you know what I do all day long? Yes you guessed correctly. I try to take walks. I run errands but honestly there is no getting around sitting at this blasted computer. Well I am going to walk around the block. It makes me feel better. Emotionally mostly but that is better than nothin'

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dinosaur Park

Sam and his classmates went on a field trip to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah on Friday. They had a great time. Sam and his friend went to the dinosaur graveyard. It in a deep dark cave. Ooooh very cool

Here is Sam with his Kindergarten class with a mighty dinosaur.

Best friends. Isn't life grand!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Path - Straight and Narrow

I was fortunate to be a part of a discussion a couple of weeks ago about perfection. I often feel about as far from perfection as I am from touching the sun and it gets me down. Why (I ask myself) is it so easy to see my imperfections and so incredibly difficult to see my strengths. During the discussion an associate of mine quoted Bruce R. McConkie and I thought I would share this quote with you.

"We don't need to get a complex or get a feeling that you have to be perfect to be saved. You don't. There's only been one perfect person, and that's the Lord Jesus, but in order to be saved in the Kingdom of God and in order to pass the test of mortality, what you have to do is get on the straight and narrow path – thus charting a course leading to eternal life – and then, being on that path, pass out of this life in full fellowship. I'm not saying that you don't have to keep the commandments. I'm saying you don't have to be perfect to be saved. If you did, no one would be saved. The way it operates is this: You get on the path that's named the "straight and narrow." You do it by entering the gate of repentance and baptism. The straight and narrow path leads from the gate of repentance and baptism, a very great distance, to a reward that's called eternal life. If you're on that path and pressing forward, and you die, you'll never get off the path. There is no such thing as falling off the straight and narrow path in the life to come, and the reason is that this life is the time that is given to men to prepare for eternity. Now is the time and the day of your salvation, so if you're working zealously in this life – though you haven't fully overcome the world and you haven't done all you hoped you might do – you're still going to be saved." Bruce R. McConkie The Probationary test of Mortality, Jan 10, 1982

So lets get on the path. I have the capacity to do that much at least. I might even be able to start walking down it a bit. Hope is a lovely thing. I will not beret myself because I am not a perfect mother, a perfect friend, a perfect employee, or a perfect sister. I will just remember that I am doing all I can and sometimes perhaps a little more.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I started a online bookclub and the first two books went very well but the third I just got so busy but I also realized that I don't have enough time to keep up with two different blogs. So I am going to nix the bookclub blog but still have a bookclub so if you still want to play with me we are reading the Mormon Scientist. I am just going to put everyone in one place. So here is the two reviews that have already come to pass...

Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

Devil May Care is the newest installment in the iconic James Bond series. The book was released on Ian Fleming’s birthday, May 28. Now, as I have no point of reference, (I have not read any of Fleming’s books) I don’t know if this book was true to past books. So all I have to base my opinion on is this book and of course the movies. I am pretty sure I have seen every James Bond movie there is and I admit I am a fan. But we’ll talk about that later, first the book.

I liked it. Not loved, but liked. I felt the pacing was rather slow sometimes for an action packed novel. I liked the character of James Bond and felt that it remained true to the martini guzzling, womanizing man that we have all come to love, although with a bit of a softer perhaps slightly more fragile side, especially in the beginning. Really it was the characterization of Bond that made me like this book as opposed to really not liking it.

As for the Bond babes, again I liked them, not loved. And here is a spoiler if you have not read it … I didn’t like that Poppy and Scarlet were really one person. I figured out that Scarlet was the other double O and honestly I didn’t quite believe it. Ok, so she was acting scared and stuff but she just didn’t seem tough enough. She is a double O secret agent for heaven sake and at the end she is practically weeping for Bond to love her even though she had to fake him out. The end really got it for me. So they just have this little skirmish and they bring down the nuclear toting plane and then a little jaunt through Russia and then it was over … really. When Gorner shows up did you not see that coming? He had to die, that was expected but oh I don’t know it just felt rushed. And then Scarlet’s behavior at the end which I have already mentioned just not my idea of a woman double O. Ok maybe my problem here is that I grew up on the movies not the books. Movies rely heavily on action and books not so much. Anyway. In the end, I loved Bond, the story itself was ok.

And as a mildly unrelated topic who is your favorite Bond? Mine used to be Sean Connery but I am afraid the newest Bond, Daniel Craig has taken over top spot.


Cathie: I’m a flake. I did not read the book this month. But I do have a new grand-daughter. Gracie, born 7/20 weighed in at 4lbs 15 oz and she is doing great. I have the book for August and will start reading it today. I love reading!!!

Susie: Ok, here's the thing...I just don't care for James Bond. I've only seen one movie and I haven't read any of the books but everyone knows who he is and what his character is all about. As for the book, I didn't really like it. The plot was alright, the characters were predictable and boring and I only finished the book so I could say that I didn't like it! I probably won't read another James Bond book unless it's for another book group.

DeAnne: I did read this book again it was a first for me. I think I have seen most of the OO7 movies except for the Daniel Craig ones. This was a fun to read but like Liz I liked the book not loved it. I felt that the Bond character was so weak. But he always gets what he wants in the end. I also wasn't so keen on the Poppy/Scarlet character being one person either. And like you Liz I didn't feel she made a very good secret agent. I also think I will read another OO7 book just to compare. My favorite movie Bond is Roger Moore. Don't even know why just he is my favorite.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

This is one of the most famous opening lines of all time.

I read a review that said, “Jane and Bingley fall in love so quickly as to easily get them out of the way of Elizabeth and Darcy.” I have to admit although I love the quick and sweet love between Jane and Bingley it is the tumultuous and difficult romance of Elizabeth and Darcy that entices me to read Pride and Prejudice over and over again. “It is frustrating enough when one person refuses to fall in love, but when both refuse, we cannot rest until they kiss.”

Not only is it a great love story, it is a great story of relationships. The relationship between Elizabeth and Jane is sweet and tender. The relationship between Elizabeth and her parents, especially her father and the relationship between all the sisters, don’t you want to kill Lydia sometimes. The book is also full of humor. I don’t know if sometimes it is meant to be funny but honestly, I laugh out loud at some of the situations.

One of my favorite lines is, “I might more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine.” The wonder that is Austin is her ability to deliver the truth. As I was reading there were so many great lines, I should have taken a highlighter to my book so I would not forget them. The setting of the book is so perfect. The time period too, the rules of decorum and how those rules are broken. I feel so much pain for Jane and Elizabeth and Lydia runs off and ruins all of their reputations. They understand the consequences even if no one else seems to understand. But in the end it really is Lydia running off that opens Elizabeth’s eyes to how kind and generous Mr. Darcy really is and she is able to overcome her pride and prejudice. Sometimes I wonder what happens to Lydia. Jane and Elizabeth take in Kitty and we are told she greatly improves and Mary is happy to be at home with her books but Lydia is stuck I wonder how her story ends.

I was surprised by how many had not read this book so I am interested to see what you all thought… who was your favorite character? What was your favorite scene? Did you like it?


Andrea: That is a really great blog for the book. And I so agree with so much of it. Amazing book about relationships - the struggles, the heartache, the tenderness, all of it. Very poignant. I found myself reading and often laughing out loud one moment and almost crying the next. Truly a book about seeing beyond mere superficiality and reaching/looking for beauty from within.

DeAnne: Liz, so glad you decided to have this book club. I have not read Pride and Prejudice before. I really enjoyed reading this book. I don't usually read love stories but this seems different. I agree with Andrea that it is an amazing book about relationships. It also made me laugh and cry. Jane is probably my favorite character. She is more reserved and gentle and pleasant to be around. Elizabeth is sensible, intellent and quick-witted (like I wish I could be) but sharp at times. I would rather be in Jane's company. She is more comfortable. I liked how Darcy learns to admire and love Elizabeth for her strong character. I liked reading about the social classes and how they reacted to each other. I just found this to be a very interesting book and will read it again. I'm not sure what my favorite part is but toward the end Elizabeth says, "Her heart did whisper, that he had done it for her.", really touched me. Just wonderful writing.

Susan: I haven't been able to finish this book. I was really hesitant to start it but fell in love with it right away. I love how well Jane Austin was able to paint a picture for me. It reminds me so much of Little Women that I find that I've created the characters in my mind to look the same in both books. I look forward to being able to finish it at some point.

Cathie: I love this novel, I enjoyed the glimpse that you get into that era, the way they think and feel. I remember thinking as I read the book that it gives you a good look at how easy it is to misunderstand someone and take what they say or do wrong. Darcy and Elizabeth seem to do that constantly. It’s a good thing they actually got together with all the wrong perceptions they were coming up with concerning each other. I thought more than once that the mother was just a tad over the edge but when you think about a girls life in that time if she didn’t marry, you can understand how concerned she might be about her daughters. I’m glad that it was a happy ending and everyone left with the right person. I would like to know what happened to Lydia and Wickham. There was definitely another book there.

Elizabeth: I agree, Susan, that Austin is able to paint a picture that makes you feel liek you are there and that is definately one of the reasons that I love it so much. Cathie, I too think that sometimes the mom comes across as WAY too much but then in reflection she was honestly worried. Can you imagine leaving daughters with nothing and no hope, no job, no way to support. I think marriage pressure is bad today think about how vital it was to get married back then. Dede I agree also that the writing style itself is so beautiful, sometimes I wish we still spoke with such grace. I am glad that you all liked it. Please feel free to keep commenting.

Susie: I just love this book! I love the characters and how they develop in the story. Lizzy is definitely my favorite. She has a quick wit and strong will that captivates me. One of my favorite lines from the book that she says is, "The more I know of the world the less satisfied I am with it." I feel the same way. I hate watching the news and hearing all the yucky stuff going on out there. I love Mr. Bennet's sense of humor. He knows that his wife is an idiot and annoying and loves teasing her any chance that he can get. I guess it goes to show that you shouldn't marry someone based on looks alone or you might end up with a Mrs. Bennet on your hands. Overall, this book is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Sam's first day of school was very fun. He loves his teacher (who happens to be the same teacher he had for preschool - she got promoted at just the right time). He loves his friends. He got to bring to school his "ME" poster. He enjoyed picking all the pictures and stickers out to create it.

Unfortunately just three days into school Sam got really sick. Wednesday night he came into my room almost every twenty minutes telling me that he didn't want to sleep in his bed. So I would give him a hug and put him back in his bed, turn on his music and try to go back to sleep finally at about 4:30 in the morning I let him get in my bed because I was so unbelievable tired. I would say about 30 seconds later he threw-up ... IN MY BED. So I asked him (after I clean up Sam and my bed) why didn't you tell me that you don't feel good. And do you know what he did? He said, "Mommy, I don't feel good." Ha what a crack up. Even when sick he can be funny. So he was puky and feverish and finally on Friday evening I took him to instacare because he said he had a sore throat and yup he had strep. Poor little guy! Within twenty four hours of getting the antibiotic in him he was feeling great. Now the challenge is for me to remember to give a happy, healthy boy medicine. Don't worry I made a colorful chart and placed it on the front door. I can't leave the house without seeing it (saved me this morning!).

So about three weeks ago (maybe even longer) I took my entertainment center out of my living room into the garage and painted it. Well not right then, first I sanded it and then primed it and then painting it and then painted it again and then painted it again and then lacquered it. With several hours of drying time between. And now it is done. I hope it looks ok because I am not the most detail oriented person (I am more a big picture person). Leave it to me to forget painting something visual and important but I love the color. It is green, a nice rich green. I can't paint my walls so I thought I would paint the furniture instead. I am hoping to get some help to move it back into the house today or tomorrow.

Also my good friend Julie came over on Saturday and Monday and helped me clean out my room. It was a disaster. It was so helpful to have someone objective say, "Really ... honestly ... you want that?" It has been great. Fortunately even after the drudgery of helping me clean out my room she still wants to be my friend and is even going to help me with the rest of my house. She deserves a medal. Or at least a nice dinner. Or at the very least a milkshake.

Work has come back full force and a rarely have even a moment of down time. But I like to be busy. School, sick kid, work, house, happy kid, painting, it has been a full couple of weeks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sam's Play Willy Wonka

Sam is the third kid from the left on the top row. SO CUTE!

Sam's play was a HUGE success. He had so much fun with his fellow UmpaLumpa's. They danced. They sang. It was really fun. After the second night Sam told me he for sure wants to do it again next year. I was really impressed with the set (designed and built by the kids). I thought the kids were very comfortable. They acted well and were actually really funny. I did not record the whole play just the parts Sam was in and I wished I had but oh well next time. Sam had to much fun and really that is all that matters. My little budding superstar!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

Yesterday we went to Kindergarten Orientation. I picked Sam up from school and we went to McDonalds because we really didn't have time to get home and get back in time. We had about 45 minutes to kill. He would not even play he ate as fast as he could and then said let's go. He really wanted to go through the drive through. Which I think is just funny because he always wants to stay and play. So we got to his school about half hour early. But we talked to the coordinator and his teacher for a while. Then orientation started and the kids got to make name places for themselves while the teacher talked to the parents. It really was not anything that I was not expecting. I was excited to learn that the class was not full (it still could fill up but...) but that means that there are only nine kids in the kindergarten class. Talk about one on one time.

They have a great literacy program that I am so excited to start. They have a goal for their class to read 1000 books. Sam and I are rearing to go and get started. Sam is so excited to start chapter books. He thinks that is so cool.

They will study language & literacy, library media, social studies, math, science, art, information technology and healthy lifestyles. One of the dads commented on the information technology category. He was excited about it but just expressed the thought my how times have changed.

They gave us a list called The 10 Best Ways to Help Your Kindergartner Succeed in School: A Parents To Do List
  1. Encourage reading in any way you can
  2. Treat your child as though he's an author
  3. Make math part of everyday life
  4. Teach your child how to listen
  5. Support your child's teacher and the school rules
  6. Tell the teacher everything
  7. Make sure your child is ready for school
  8. Spend time in your child's classroom
  9. Encourage responsibility and independence
  10. Ask your child about school every day

I am really excited for Sam to start school. I am happy that he is in such a great school that has such wonderful, thoughtful teachers. We are lucky.

Oh the funny thing was after it was over Sam was kinda mad at me and I asked him why and he said that was not much of a Kindergarten Celebration (orientation ... celebration ... you see how confusing it could be! :) ...)

Americas Favorite Dancer

I missed the first few minutes of the show because Sam and I were at Kindergarten orientation (which I will speak about in its own post) but right when I turned on the television I saw Katee and Joshua dancing Bollywood and I thought wow this is even better than the first time. I really liked seeing my favorites dances from the season again: Mark & Chelsie doing Bleeding Love; Will & Katee doing that amazing contemporary; Mark & Courtney preforming the Garden; Twitch and Katee dancing the Door; Katee and Joshua's No Air; and of course Twitch and Kherington doing that lovely Venetian waltz piece by Jean Mark Generaux. I loved seeing Mary Murphy and Nigel dance. It reminded me that they do in fact know what they are talking about. Wow about Mary's legs. She is sitting behind that table I had no idea they were so long and lovely. Nigel was funny. I liked it. I loved the Old and New dance it was pretty fun. It was fun to see some of my old favorites dancing with the new. I though the guests were great the Debbie Allen Dance academy who danced with Nigel such cute kids. The cast of Believe - talk about amazing. Sam really liked that one. And of course (my good friend Jenny's favorites) the Jonas Brothers. I thought this was one of the best finale's I have ever seen. It was all about the season and the great dancers and choreographers. There was the poppers but they were awesome. None of this who was the worst and let's celebrate them. No, it was great. I loved seeing all my favorites dances again. I thought the guests added to the show. And it all came down to Twitch and Joshua. And America's Favorite Dancer is.... JOSHUA!

After the show we were going downstairs and Sam said I'm sad. So I asked him why he said because it is over forever and it was your favorite show. Ahhh isn't that sweet. He wasn't sad for him he was sad for me. What a good boy I have!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fabulous Four

First, Cat Deely was absolutely golden. She is a chameleon and she is lovely. All the dancers danced with everyone so it made for some very tired dancers.

The solos first: Courtney was lovely in yellow and I loved that Missy Higgins song she danced to I felt it was very lovely and full of passion. Twitch's cameo was perfect. He is such a humorous, fun loving person. He is an entertainer. Katee really is amazing and so beautiful to watch. Josh has such charisma when he dances solo. I liked them all.

First up, Twitch and Courtney danced a Hip Hop routine from Tabitha and Napoleon. It was a fun fighting couple. What is it with Twitch and fighting with his girlfriend? It was fun and I liked it.

Back together yet again, Katee and Joshua danced a Wade Robson contemporary (digression: I love Wade and I was so sad he did not choreograph more this season but glad to have him back ... I want to go to Vegas and see Believe!). It was beautiful. When the camera caught Katee at the beginning I felt real pain there she is an actress as much as a dancer. I liked it.

Katee and Courtney were up next doing a Tyce Broadway. It was so fun to see the girls pretty and girly. I liked the dance it was fun. Very old Hollywood.

After the break we came back with the Russian Troupec. Wow and more wow. I didn't know anyone could jump that high, Josh was flying. It was a powerful performance but it also really entertained. You could tell they were having a lot of fun. I liked it.

Foxtrot - The dance of death. But no Twitch and Katee were superb. It was lovely and romantic. Twitch was so handsome and gentlemanly. And Katee and that dress so beautiful. I loved the lift it was elegant and effortless. I LOVED it.

Last up was Courtney and Joshua and it was fun. But it was slightly disappointing. They are such great dancers but it just didn't have the omph. But I liked it.

Finally they all danced a Mia Michael's contemporary. I really liked it. I didn't love it as much as they judges but I really liked the Scottish theme and the dancing was very powerful.

It was a great evening of dance. I would have died after dancing five dances in two hours. All the dancers did an amazing job. I don't know who will win. I think they are all great dancers and deserve to win. Sam voted for Twitch two times so I guess if it is up to Sam Twitch will win it all.

We will be at Kindergarten orientation tonight so we won't know until later who wins it all...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I am Reading to Write

Almost a year ago I wrote a very rough draft of a novel and then I drawered it. (You know shoved it in a virtual drawer and left it to fend for itself). There were two reasons for this drastic action. One was because I just could not stand the sight of it anymore and the other was I was stuck. I had my beginning, middle and end but something was missing. I was not sure where to look or how to find that missing component so I drawered it. I picked up a novel idea that I had been working on for some time and was making good progress but again something happened and I do not know what but I knew that something was missing, something was just not right.

So I took a break. And I started reading. Not that I do not read like a crazy person in general. We are talking about me but I started reading about writing. There are a lot of books on writing but I am certainly not going to read a book on how to be a successful writer by a person that I have never heard of and has not got one single book on a best sellers list. Not that I am aiming for the best sellers list I would be happy just to finish a novel, and it would be joyous to get it edited and it would be brilliant to get it published. So what books should I read by authors who know what they are doing?

Well, for some time I have had on my list of things to read On Writing by Stephen King. And I finally got around to reading it. I read it once and immediately went to Barnes & Noble and bought my own copy so I could mark it up and really use it. I thought it was brilliant and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to write in any medium. Although I must give warning he uses a lot of four letter words. That does not really bother me but if it bothers you maybe should not read it.

After I read King I thought "this is excellent but I want to write in speculative fiction" (otherwise known as science fiction and fantasy) so I went looking again for a good read. I found a great book by Orson Scott Card called How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy. Card specifically mentions that his book is not about writing, it is about writing speculative fiction. It was extremely helpful and again I bought it so I could mark it up and really use it. Then I got his book Characters & Viewpoint which was very helpful for me because I have a tendency to switch viewpoint frequently (and I learned that isn't necessarily bad I just have to be in control not just randomly switching). Lastly I bought Elements of Style which both King and Card recommended as the book for style. Eventually I will buy or go to the library to read Writers Market.

It has been an epiphany. I am so excited to write both my novels now I don't know which one to work on first. I have always loved to dream up stories but felt nothing compared on the page with what was in my mind but I think I have a better feel for how I can get those stories told.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Me and Wrong

Ok. So me and wrong apprently are still best friends. But I'll get to that in a minute.

I absoletly loved the group number. It was lovely and elegant and I really enjoyed it.

I loved Little Demon. The little six year old breaker. I honestly held my breath when he did every single trick thinking, who will catch him if he falls on his head? But he didn't and he was so cute. Sam thought that was pretty fun as well. I hope Sam doesn't try to spin on his head. We might have to have a conversation about that come to think of it. But the second guest? What? Lady Ga Ga is strange. I have heard the song before and I like it but holy strangeness batman.

Onto the eliminations. So the girls are up first and Katee is sent immediately to safety. No surprise there.

Then the guys and they send Joshua to safety - again no surprise.

So back to the girls. I have not really liked Courtney until the last few shows. I loved the Venitian Waltz that she did with Mark and I discovered she really is very elegant and classy and perhaps it was not her fault that the costume designers and choreographiers kept making her a vixon. But I was still completely and utterly surprised when she beat out Chelsie. I was and I will admit it freely a little tearful because I think Chelsie is so dang cute. And I will miss her but I am excited to see her on tour.

The guys so it was between Twitch and Mark and really it could have gone either way I would have been happy because I really like them both and it could have gone either way and I could have been sad because I relaly like them both. But in the end it was Mark that was sent home. So my Bleeding Love couple is gone. But I am really excited about the final four. I think it will be a great show. Tune in on Wednesday for the Finale!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Six

So I had a few conspiracy theories thinking that honestly was it really random who the dancers picked as partners I am still not sure but at least I know they are not putting people together that have never been together as the partnerings show. I was convinced that it would be the following as they had never danced together: Katee & Mark; Courtney & Twitch; Chelsie & Joshua but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. (Me and wrong are getting along lately).

First let's talk about the solos. Chelsie was up first and can she move those hips. Her dance genre is always hard because she is supposed to have a partner but she is hot, hot hot.

Twitch has the best solos no doubt about it. He is such an amazing creator. I love his musicality and humor. And that was the best that Cat put his gold teeth in her mouth.
Katee is so beautiful. Her lines and the way she moves is grace in motion.

Joshua is so powerful and strong. I liked it alot (not as much as Twitch but very cool)

Courntey she can be so elegant when she wants to be and today she won me over.

Mark so quirky so fun. I love the way he moves.

So here are the non conspirital partnerings. Mark and Courtney. I was a little worried by this as they seemed to be the weakest links but wow did they ever come out fighting. Their first dance was a Venetian Waltz and it was beautiful, elegant and romantic. I loved it, it flowed and moved and was just classy. Their second dance was a Jazz number by Sonja who I have to admit is a pretty funky choreographer and I wonder how America feels but I loved it. I loved the flip on the beat they did, wow. It was way cool. Very memorable.

Back together again, Katee and Joshua. Holy Contemporary. It was amazing that running catch in the air splits thing ... I am speechless. There was so much passion and strength and wow. Wow. It was amazing. I said that already but I can't stop. Amazing! Next that had a Pasa Doable and I thought great another one but again I think it was the best I have seen well maybe not as good and the Neil/Sabra from last year but a very close second.

Cheslie and Twitch. The Mambo. I thought great for Chelsie ummm for Twitch but wow did they pull it off. That girl's hips have hot the energizer bunny beat. It was so fast and so fun. I loved it. Then they did a hip hop and I thought great for Twitch ummm for Chelsie but again I was floored. I loved the concept from Tabitha and Napoleon of the quarreling conductors. It was great I loved it.

Did you notice a theme here? I loved it. Yes I loved every number. This was an amazing show. As for predictions. Nigel had it right when he said that the two that go home it isn't because they did not do well it was just the others got the votes. He said anyone of the dancers could go to the final and I agree. But although we would love for all to go only four get on the hot tamale train. So who do I think? I think Katee and Joshua are in for sure. I think Chelsie will beat out Courtney. And as for the final guy sadly I think Twitch will be sent home. I have predicted Mark for so many weeks and been wrong (happily) but I think after last night he may have pulled it through to be in the final.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I am right...

Monday, July 28, 2008


Ooh 'bacation' is so very nice. Sam and I took last week off and I mean we took it off. I don't think I even looked at a computer. No wait we did when I went to the Library I looked up some Lego Indiana Jones walkthroughs because I couldn't pass the first level but other than that I was technologically free. It was brilliant. We hiked, we colored, we painted, we played, we relaxed. Now if that isn't the prefect vacation I don't know what is.