Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twisted Faery Tales

Sam's play was awesome. The first skit was called Falling for Rapunzel. As you can see I was in the back but I moved up after the first skit and got much better pictures.

This next skit is called the Emporor's Old Clothes. Sam was the cutest farmer. He did such a great job dancing and he really got into his character.

This next part was so cool. They did four dances and Sam was a part of three. The first was called "Smelling the Roses" and it was a contemporary style dance where one child is reading a book looking around at his friends when they all run around and do not slow down to enjoy growing up and then the all fall down and go to sleep. They don't die. The just sleep. The director wanted to make the clear. Sam was amazing and I am not just saying that because I am his mother. More than once person (a couple I don't even know) came up and said Sam did an amazing job.

This one was the hip hop routine. Sam had a solo where is did a little break dancing. My little B boy. This was a war between the heros and the heroines. It was pretty awesome. And they end up being friends in the end. Who doesn't like a happy ending.

This last one is a Bollywood number. It was a workout and a half. The all did such a great job.

It was an amazing night. I was so proud of Sam for learning the skits and the dances. The next night there were two new skits: Ode to Humpty Dumpty and the Princess and the Pizza. Sam had a great time. So proud of you son!