Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

I am in serious neglect of my blog but I am here to redeem myself. We had a great time a couple of weeks ago in California here are the highlights:

The first day we were there it was a beautiful day for the pool. The kiddos has a great time playing in the water and sliding down the water slide. They had not seen each other for a while but it didn't take long for everyone to jump in and play.

We went to a farmer's market and got the best fresh fruit EVER. It was all so good. The only downer was I bought a lot because I just could not stop myself on the last day I was stuffing peaches in my mouth trying to eat it all before we left for home. Sam got some really cool clothes. Here he is trying them out.

Ah the beach. Sam LOVED it. It started off a bit cool and overcast but for me it was perfect. I love that kind of weather. Walking along the beach with a cardigan the water splashing on my toes. Then the clouds cleared and the sun came out. It was a perfect day at the beach.

The family at Disneyland. Needless to say we all had a great time. We laughed, we cried. It really is the happiest place on earth until you have to leave. Sam wanted to know if we could live there. Who doesn't want to live at Disneyland? Sam's favorite ride was the Matterhorn. Mine was Indiana Jones.

Sam, Cambridge and Hayden at Disney. Everybody was so great and had such a good time.

Sam loves Lego - he is a LegoMaster - so when i found out we were only 20 minutes from Legoland I couldn't resist. It was a blast. And Sam got his drivers licence. I have to say going to Lego after Disney slightly lessened the experience for me (although if you ask Sam it might be his favorite part of the trip). It is an amazing place but really nothing compares to Disneyland.

Note the super tired look in Sam's eye. Two full days of parks wears a person out!

Legoland. I can't believe I rode this thing. But Sam had so much fun I just could not resist. It is called the Knight's challenged. To me it looked like a giant dragon claw grabbed us then flung us about. That is pretty much what the ride did. And I didn't even get sick to my stomach! When you got on the ride you had to take of anything that could fall off - flip flops, earings, sunglasses - and take all items out of your pockets. They had a little cubby by the ride to hold your personal belongings. Sam pulled out of his pocket a tiny silver screw, he was so proud of his personal item.

Our last evening in California we went to a Padres game. We, OF COURSE, screaming and yelled for the San Fran Giants. Sam said it was the best, a least the parts he could remember. After all the fun and excitement he couldn't keep his eyes open. Even with loud and crazy fans all around us he was fast asleep after the 3 inning. I had never been to a professional game before. It was so fun.

The last day at the pool. The kiddos loved chasing Papa around and he loved being chased. It was such a fun packet, yet relaxing adventure.

Kipp, Sam, Lincoln and Spencer - the cool kats.

It was so much fun to spend the week with family. My sister is a rock star for putting it all together. Thanks Katie for all your hard work. Can't wait for the next one.