Friday, September 28, 2007

Rainbow Gate

Last night Sam asked me to make up a story about my keys. So I told him they were magical keys and then he took over the story:

We were walking through the woods and we saw something shiny. We looked down and there were many colored keys. We picked up the keys because we knew they were magical. We walked in the woods and came to a shiny silver gate. What key do we use? The silver key. We used the silver key and went through the gate.

We walked though the woods. We came to a black gate. Can we use the silver key? No! The black key. We used the black key and went through the gate.

We walked through the woods. We came to a pink gate. Can we use the silver key? No! Can we use the black key? No. The pink key. We used the pink key and went through the gate.

We walked through the woods. We came to a blue gate. Can we use the silver key? No! Can we use the black key? No! Can we use the pink key? No! The blue key. We used the blue key and went through the gate.

We walked through the woods. We came to a rainbor gate. Can we use the silver key? No! Can we use the black key? No! Can we use the pink key? No! Can we use the blue key? No. The RAINBOW KEY! Yes! Yes! Yes! We used the rainbow key and found rainbow castle and then we went swimming.

The End ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Facebook and Bloglink

So I am adding another blog because on my Facebook account I just added Bloglink... so I am trying see if it works ... wish me luck!

Thirsty to make Copies...

So the other day at school Sam told his teacher that he was 'so thirsty to make copies' ... isn't that funny. His teacher told me that he LOVED to use the copy machine. Made me laugh...

Yesterday at school he fell down and got a cut on his lip and then later right at the end of his soccer game he fell again and reopened the wound. His lips are going to be one big puff of scar tissue if he keeps this up. We had a great time at his game. He gets along really well with his teammates and I have started making friends with a few of the other soccer moms.

So ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) started last week and all who know and love me KNOW that I love it. I haven't picked a favorite yet but I am excited about the show. However, I do not let it get in my way of having correct priorities ... tonight ... only the second show and I am going visiting teaching instead of watching the show ... whew. Course I will watch the rerun so I won't miss out. I also love other top models ... Britians ... do they have one in Australia? That would be cool.

Oh and there is another thing Sam is thirsty for ... WATERMELON ... yum...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday I took Sam to the doctor for his check up and we read a great book about germs and why it is important to get vaccines which turned out to be a good idea since he ended up having FOUR shots. Poor kid. When the doctor told me I told Sam he was getting shots and that it would sting a bit but he would be ok and he looked right at me and said, "I am not afraid." After the doctor left to go get the shots Sam said, "Remind me again about germs." He didn't even shed a tear. He was so brave. And I was so proud. The doctor told him he was a very brave little boy and he was proud of him. Later I took him back to his daycare center and as he was waiting to go into his classroom a little boy ran right into him ... and the kid who survived four shots burst into tears. It was so sad. But I stayed and we ate lunch together and he was fine. Later he played at his soccer game. He is such a star.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soccer Star

Sam has been playing soccer now for two weeks. His first experience was not exactly triumphant although they did win. The coach (a very nice guy) had the kids come an hour early so he could meet them and give them the uniforms and so forth. It was a really hot day so before the game even started the kids were getting tired and hot. At the very end of the game Sam just shoved this kid right over. Anyway ... his coach was being really nice about it and telling him he can't push and so forth and Sam just lost it burst into tears ran over to me and said it was his fault he lost the game. The look on his coaches face was so startled, he tried to tell Sam that not only did he not loose the game they won. But he was not to be consoled. At least until after we went to ColdStone and got ice cream.

Last night's game was much better. My parents were able to attend with Sam and they said he had a lot of fun and that is what it is all about. Two kids were missing from his team so played most of the game and they said he was right in there trying to kick the ball. So fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dinosaur Park

Sam and I went to the Ogden Dinosaur park. It was so fun. They have all these 'life' size versions of the dinosaurs mingled in the trees and a very fun play park. Here are a few pictures of our adventure:

Here is Sam at the dinosaur graveyard. He is pointing out the bones ... he LOVED it!

Sam got so mad at this guy who kept telling his daughter that is was a lizard. He was like man are you crazy does that look like a lizard to you, cause man you are wrong ... "it is a crocodile". It was so funny he kept saying that every time the man would say lizard. Finally he went up to the guy and pointed at it and said "crocodile"...

Here is Sam with a baby dinosaur. We walked around and saw all the dinosaurs and then we were parched...