Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chick is short for Girl

So last night Sam and I were watching Dancing with the Stars just the end where they show all the dances one more time. Sam would say, "Oh that is a hot chick. That is a hot chick. She is a hot chick." Then he turned to me very seriously, matter-o-factly said, "Chick is short for girl." Ha! That is so funny. Short for girl... where did he hear that? As a side note has anyone noticed that So You Think You Can Dance alum are showing up on Dancing with the Stars, they now have THREE SYTYCD peeps on the show Dimitri, Lacy and Chelsea. Kinda crazy.

When I was putting him to bed he said, "Mom you are the best because you know everything and you are soft." Then he put his hand of my face. "See touch, you are really soft." I LOVE MY KID! Then I told him he was cute and soft too and kissed him all over his face which always makes him laugh until he cries. I don't know why but it does. He also says I am his angel. He drew a picture of me and his dad together at his dad's house. I was the angel and his dad was a devil. I asked him about the picture and he said "your picture is true but my dad is just a prank I can prank my dad because he has air for a brain but you are too smart to prank." That is so funny - true and funny.

Well this chick better get back to work :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleep over Sam

So I had a rule - no sleepovers. But then one of the three musketeers had a birthday and Sam wanted to spend the night. It was a tough call but I have known these people for years so I gave in. I dropped Sam off at 4p.m. they went to Fat Cats (a bowling/pizza place) and then returned and watched movies. Sam called me about 8:30 to confirm that he was having the time of his life. Kate (that is the birthday musketeer's mom) said he slept great and they had tons of fun. Well good for him because I couldn't sleep at all. Could this be the real reason I don't want Sam to spend the night at other people's houses? I don't get any sleep. I was worried that Sam would get scared or need to come home and I would not hear the phone. So I kept waking up and checking my cell to make sure no one called. No one did. Sam had a blast. But we do have a new rule you can't spend the night at people's houses unless I have known them for years. I don't want to set a precedent!

Can I also tell you that Sam is the best kid. I have been really trying to work out every day and I am terrible about getting up in the morning so right when we get home from work/school I pull out my turbojam video and work out. Sam sits there and plays DS while I work out. The cute thing is he will give me encouragement. "Good job mom" "You can do it" He pretty much just repeats what the instructor is saying but it is so cute! And honestly motivating. Now I just need to stop eating so much junk food and I think I will make a dent in this weight issue!

Monday, March 2, 2009


All hail the International House of Pancakes. Sam LOVES that place. Why? Because they have bacon. Lots and lots of his favorite food in the entire world bacon. And chocolate milk. I mean honestly what could be better? Bacon and chocolate milk for breakfast. Yum. I discovered after the first time that we went there that if I get him a side of bacon and a chocolate milk and then me a breakfast it doesn't even cost that much. He usually eats a bit of my pancakes but he is mostly focused on the ... yup ... bacon.

I also have to mention that I have the cutest little boy ever with a hilarious personality. I wish I had a recorder last night when he was telling me all about the minataurs and giants fighting each other. It was hilarious. I think he should be a movie director when he gets big. He would be really good at it.

Oh and the black hat in the picture is his 'fancy' hat. Don't you just love it!