Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Let's start with the Ugly:

That would be my car being hoisted up onto the tow truck. Fun. NOT!

So we were cruising along minding our own business when the car started slowing down like it was running out of gas. When I pushed on the gas it sputtered, lurched and then continued the downward spiral towards zero miles per hour. I safely maneuvered the car over to the side of the road, panicked and then said a little prayer.

I called my brother (that is what brothers are for!) and he said he would come get us even though we were hours away from his house and he had a pretty big weekend on his plate. So I started the car again and kept driving. We pulled over four of five times before I finally realized that we would never make it. Brother to the rescue.

But then a guy from a service station pulled over and talked with us. His station was the one that gave us the tow. Just FYI when you are stuck in the middle of NO WHERE on I15 in Utah it is NOT cheap to get towed. Just for future use.

Here is Sam in the truck. He was having a wonderful adventure and it was because of him that I survived at all. There are many kinds of stress that I handle extremely well. However, I do not, I repeat, do NOT, handle car stress well. So I cried. When the tow truck got there I started to tear up again. Sam said, "just so I know are you going to cry again?" for some reason it struck me as hilarious. We both bust up laughing hysterically.

Here we are in the tow truck. All smiles. Me - tear streaked face. Gotta love it.

Fortunately, we made it safely to Cedar City, car in tow. It ended up being the fuel pump. I had got my car serviced the day before we left. I asked the guy if my shop had done a poor job and he said probably not. Even if they tested it the day before it might have been fine. Stupid fuel pump. The good news is that I now have a lifetime warranty on my fuel pump. Betcha I never have another problem with the fuel pump.

Onto the bad: (you thought the above was bad, I am talking about another kind of bad!)

S'more Brownies - oh so amazingly delicious. My sister-in-law made these bad boys up. Yum. Really, really yum.

And now onto the GOOD - the really good. The reason we went down the Cedar City in the first place. To see family. I have not seen my sister and her family in almost two years. Seeing her cute kiddos was so much fun. I had not seen my brother and family since Christmas. Being with family made the whole trip worthwhile.

If that is not a picture of pure happiness I don't know what is. Love all those kiddos.

I was so happy to be a part of Cambridge's baptism

and to see cute little Beckett get blessed.

Even through the trials it was a wonderful weekend. Seeing family, loving babies, enjoying the beautiful weather. I would do it all again, yes even the trauma of my car breaking down in the middle of no where just to be with the family again. Thanks everyone for helping us and letting us be a part.

We ended up spending a couple extra days. So thank to Cambridge and Addi and the rest of the crew for helping us have fun. Thanks to Parker and Beckett for letting me snuggle them lots.