Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NaNoWriMo - Kick Off

Tonight at 12:01 I can start writing. Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shiny Knight

So we got Sam's Halloween costume in the mail last night and he had it on I would say not longer than 30 seconds before he broke it. I was initially a little flubbed but then I thought hey that is what ducktape is for! So he is going to be a shiny knight (i.e. knight in shining armor) and I think he looks great. He is a very gallant and brave and courageous knight. I will post pics tomorrow maybe. We have our ward Halloween party tonight so I plan to get a few pics then and then next week they have their fall carnival where the kids get to dress up and then of course the actual evening itself. So should be lots of fun!

New School ... New Sam

So Sam has been at his new school now for just over two months and what difference two months can make. I love his smaller class and his proximity to my work. His teacher is wonderful. Sam's imagination has taken off he loves to tell stories and hear stories as well. I tell the gate story (see several threads below) over and over again. He makes up a different ending every time. He also loves to 'pretend' to read. When I am cooking he will read the directions to me he comes up with some pretty interesting directions but the food is always good in the end. He is a great artist who loves to color but REALLY loves to paint. I now have a happy boy each day when I go to pick him up. He is still tired but it is a healthy brain smart kinda tired. So the money is worth it. WAY WORTH IT! Hip, hip hurray for the new school.


National Novel Writing Month is starting Nov 1 and I am crazy and going to do it. 50,000 words in one month HOLY COW! Can I do it. I am sure going to try. I have officially signed up at and I am gearing up to write like crazy for a month. I still haven't decided on a plot, or characters, or pretty much anything but here goes nothin.... WISH ME LUCK!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My boss is God

So I was driving my mom out of my parking garage so she could take my car to my house to play with Sam and Sam said, "so were those guys your bosses?" (He came into my office with my mom) And I said yes and he said, "God is my boss". My mom and I just laughed it was so funny. I was like you are right, God is your boss and really He is my boss too. The things kids learn when they go to perochial school.

Downed Powerlines...

This was an interesting morning. I drove up to Sam school and as I was walking up the path all the of students and teachers were exiting the building. I knew something was up because they were carrying out all the babies which they don't usually play outside with babies on a cool autumn morning. I spotted Sam's teacher and she said the smelled burning plastic in the building and so they were evacuating. As we were talking another teacher came up and said they were evacuating across the street because there were downed powerlines across the playground at the back of the school. We helped get the other children across the street and watched as the fire trucks arrived. They still don't know how or why the powerlines were down(At least as of right now). So fortunately grandma was home and Sam went to spend the day with her. Her power was out because of the downed lines so they went to play at my house but I just learned her power is on so they are going to go swimming. I tell you what Sam is going to pray for downed power lines every day if on his days off he gets to play at home and go swimming. That was our excitement for the morning. I hope they get it all worked out before tomorrow because grandma has to work tomorrow and I really do to. (It has been very busy in my office since the past weekends annoucements...)

Well to finish off the craziness of the day I got a flu shot and my arm is sore. Ouch!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Save the Snarleys

So when I was a little girl my mom called the little knots you get in your hair snarleys. So they other day I was combing Sam's hair (it is getting a bit long) and it had knots in it so I said well we better get the snaleys out but of course it hurts a little bit so he didn't like it. So last night after his bath I was combing his hair and I ran into a knot and he said, no don't made the snarleys run away. So he combed his hair ... kinda. This morning it was even worse but he 'lightly' combed his hair to save the snarleys. Oh dear I think we need to get him a hair cut soon before the snarleys take over.

Happy Birthday To Me :)

October 1st I officially turned 29 ... again :) It was a great day and I felt really special and thought of by many of my friends and family. At work in the morning they got Einstein bagels which are my favorite and they got pulp free orange juice which is awesome because I hate pulp. They know me so well. My good buddy Patrice took me to lunch and we had a great time chatting I didn't want to go back to work. Then a great treat my mom picked up my son from school so he could go birthday shopping for me and then they came and met me at work. I LOVE it when my son gets to visit me at work. Sam was so excited that he said, "Mom you are going to love the earrings I got you..." My mom just laughed. So I knew I was getting earrings but that is ok I love earrings all kinds and he got me really pretty silver ones. I also got flowers from my wonderful sister. They were so pretty beautiful fall purples, deep pinks, yellow and green. It was perfect. I also go another surprise my ex-mother-in-law sent me flowers as well. That was a shock but so nice. She really is a lovely lady. She even remembered my favorite flower is Gerber Daisies. Then we walked up to my parents house for a little get together. My parents, both brothers Brennan and family and Kipp and Kumi as well as my cousin Bethany and family were there. It was so nice to sit around, talk, eat, play and enjoy. Cambridge and Sam played so well together it was a great time. Oh and they made me brownies (cause I don't like cake - man I am picky!) with mint ice cream ... I got so much of my favorites today it is great. Oh and my one brother got me a gift card to Target my favorite store and my other brother got me book by David Eddings my favorite author ... so many favorites. I love it!

Thanks to EVERYONE for making my day so special.