Monday, July 16, 2007

Marker Mania

These markers want you! You know as a mother (and a father I am sure but I have no personal experience in that department) that when your child is being really quiet something is wrong. I had just gotten out of the shower and there was complete silence in the house. I went downstairs to find Sam had colored himself. He proudly explained that this was the map to lead us to the treasure. That kid has seen one too many pirate shows. I am pretty sure however, that Dora's Pirate Adventure had a paper map, not a body map! Well two thumbs up for ingenuity. Fortunately, I do not own a single item that doesn't come with the term 'washable' written all over it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fourth of July

Well what a wonderful and exciting Fourth of July. My college roommate (and dear ol' friend) Marie came to visit and we had a great time. We started the holiday festivities at Liberty Park. Sam, Marie and I went for a boat ride. You know those boats that you 'peddle' around. It was great fun and Sam didn't even fall in (which was honestly miraculous considering how many times he changed seats!). Then my dad met us and grilled up some very tasty hotdogs and the best bbq beef I have ever had (nice prep work mom!). Just as we were leaving to head to the fireworks park Sam stepped on a bee which would have be fine if I had listened to Marie about putting his shoes on but alas I had not so the bee stabbed Sam with his extra large stinger. Fortunately, Papa was there to preform surgery because I was almost as teary as Sam. After the trauma Sam fell asleep so we drove over to Sugarhouse park and picked our firework viewing spot. Sam slept for several hours and Marie and I sat around doing one of our favorite things ... playing cards and gabbing. Later my brother Kipp and his wife, Kumi showed up and joined in the Fourth of July fun. I do have to say that the fireworks were spectacular.

During the rest of her stay we did the usual touristy things, ate lots of delicious food and played lots of cards and watched a couple of movies (hey it was hotter than Hades here!). I also got her addicted to one of Sam favorite computer games. Lego Fever. She will tell you it is addicting. You start off playing because Sam wants you too and then before you know it you are sneaking upstairs to see if you can pass just one more level. Happily Marie passed all the levels the day before she left and beat me to winning the whole game. Now Sam wishes she were here to play with him.

Alas I have no pictures of the Fourth of July festivities (which is sad considering how festive we looked) but I will post some new and updated pictures soon.