Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August? What!?!?!?

Where has this month gone? Honestly, isn’t it February or maybe March … WHAT?!?!? August? This is crazy. The year sure is flying by at lightening speed. This past weekend was stake conference and there were several really great talks but one that stood out to me was to make going to Church a quest. Sometimes I honestly dread going to Church, me being a single mother and having a rather, slightly, moderately rowdy boy, Church is sometimes a challenge for us both. But after the talk on Saturday I have been really thinking about how I can change the way I look at attending Church and hopefully my attitude change will rub off on Sam too. I love Church and I love the gospel but sometimes I just don’t want to go to Church. And anyone who doesn’t agree with me is LYING! I am getting really excited for general conference which seems like it is very far away but the way this year is moving it will be here before we know it.

So my favorite summer show ended So You Think You Can Dance … well I know I can’t dance but I enjoy watching other people get their groove on and this season was very groovy. Sam would watch with me and we would dance around the room with the people. Getting in a little exercise while watching television is always a good thing, I took away from the show two new favorite songs both by the same artist Timbaland’s Apologize (featuring One Republic) and The Way I Are (featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.). The first one was a contemporary dance with my second favorite guy dancer Danny and Anya and the other was a Hip Hop with my favorite guy Neil and my sister’s favorite girl, Lauren. Now just a word of caution I purchased these songs but I got the clean version … so friends and family if you decide to ‘listen’ to what I am listening to make sure it is clean ‘cause I only listen to that which is clean!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just July...

What a fast paced and fun month. We have really enjoyed having my sister around for a couple of weeks. Sam enjoys playing with his cousins but was slightly disappointed that the new boys in the family only sleep and drool. I on the other hand loved having the new baby boys around and loved holding them and cuddling them and I think I might even be able to tell them apart ... maybe! We have been swimming, enjoying fireworks displays, and watching parades. July is a fun month in Utah that is for sure.

This past weekend was also really eventful. Saturday was my grandfather's 75th surprise birthday party. Before the festivities began we had our family picture. I hope it all turns out great because who knows when we will be able to get together again. That night the kids were on major sugar high. My grandpa gave each little kid a scoup of icing in their hands to eat. I have no idea what he was thinking other than "I am old and it is my birthday and I can get away with getting these kids crazy" but the kids loved it and you can tell how much he loves each one of them. Sunday I found myself in charge of a Wood family event. I wanted to get the family together to see my sister since the other side of the family would get to see her at the birthday so I just wanted to get a few people together. It ended up being a VERY large gathering. Forunately, my aunt Cathie is a superstar and let us invade her home. Also when you tell the Wood family to bring food they do not disappoint. So I was a little stressed but it turned out great. My aunt had this game when the kids got wraped in tape and then the rolled on this tarp covered in candy. The kids thought it was the greatest game EVER! It was really fun to talk and eat and enjoy.

Sam's dad has also been here for July. Sadly the week Sam's dad was in town I was sick so I didn't even get a chance to go out and play. Maybe next time. Due to all the fun of the month Sam has not had to go to daycare much and he doesn't want to go back at all!Today as we were getting ready he told me we should just stay on 'bacation' I thought it was a great idea to bad it can't come true.