Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best Weekend

Here is a snapshot into the best weekend...

Don't we look snazzy. We are getting ready to go to Sam's Kindergarten graduation.

So proud of my graduate! They had so much fun singing and walking across the stage. Their teacher made me cry she gave such a great speech about these wonderful children and mine is especially wonderful, don't ya know!

Fast forward to Saturday. Sam loves his swimming lessons he called me one morning when he was at swimming lessons with his dad and said, "Guess what mom! I floated on my back for 10 whole seconds ALL BY MYSELF!" He was so proud and I am super proud of my little fish.

Later in the day we went downtown for a play but we got there way early SO we went on a tour of the Beehive House and this nice Sister missionary asked Sam is he knew what these things sticking out of the wall were for and Sam said for talking to people in another place in the house and you know what? HE WAS RIGHT! She said no one had ever guessed before... what a smart kid I have.

Then we went to the play The Jungle book, which was awesome by the way. We had a great time. The Children's Theater downtown Salt Lake is great for kids. We had a blast. Then we went back to Temple Square and walked around the grounds and went on top the Conference Center which has gardens on the top of the building, pretty impressive. This picture is at the end of the day. I look tired and Sam is acting tired. But it was a wonderful fun filled day.

Now fast forward to Monday (not that Sunday did not happen it was a beautiful rainy day we loved it but I have no pictures of us at Church)

We went to This Is The Place Monument which has this fun western town. Sam was shaved by the local sheriff we was standing in for the barber who was running some errands, mighty nice of him.
Sam got to color a snake. He was pretty excited about that... we also ran into my aunt Charlotte and family. That was quite the coincidence. Hope you had a much fun as we did!!!

Sam loves animals and he is so great with them. The animal handler was really impressed with how gentle he was with the little critters and how calm they all were when Sam was holding them. He said he wants to be an animal doctor right after he becomes a vulcanologist. (yes he did in fact use that word! If you don't know what it means volcano scientist -got nothing to do with Star Trek!!)

We went home exhausted but happy. We rented a few movies and cuddled on the couch eating our favorite snack - POPCORN. The best weekend!