Monday, January 28, 2008

King of Exercise

I got an elliptical trainer for Christmas and Sam has been very motivating. He loves to race on it. We listen to music and have to go a whole song. He is going to get me in shape. He is a great personal trainer. He did not want me to take a picture. He was in the zone...

Sam's party madness

Sam's 5th birthday was yesterday. We started off the celebration on Friday at Sam's school. All the kids (and the teachers) came in jammies in honor of Sam's birthday. I brought in pizza and cupcakes as well as some fun prizes and stuff to do. All the kids had a great time. Sam said they should have jammie day every day.

Saturday we went to his friend Jack's birthday party at a place called Bounce. It was so fun. It was for both parents and kids and we went down the super huge bounce slide several times. I even went down on my stomach with Sam's little friend Georgia. Face first. It was mostly fun but a little bit scary.

Sunday we continued with the birthday fun. Sam helped me bake a cake and then helped decorate it. That was his favorite part. We used those cake markers and sprinkles. So much fun. My parents and Kipp and Kumi came over for some cake and ice cream. Sam was so cute he didn't want to eat his own cake and ice cream until everyone had been served so he passed out stuff to every one and made sure everyone had drinks. It was funny because he asked everyone what they wanted but Kipp and when Kipp said what about me Sam said oh you get juice. It was so funny. The rest of the evening we played with his lego's that he got and watched movies. It was great fun.

I can't believe my child is five years old. Where does the time go. He is such a happy, thoughtful little boy. He makes me laugh and smile. I love to read books with him. Watch movies and eat popcorn. I love to get our exercise together. I especially love when he sneaks into my room in the morning and snuggles with me before we have to get up and go to work and school. He is the best little boy. The best!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Going Private

For all those who read my blog I am going private in the next week or so. Please send your emails to my google account

I don't mind if you are a friend of a friend. Just want to know who is looking at my site.


Party Madness

Four of Sam's friends from school have birthdays this month (actually two more Sam and Jack but their parties are at the end of the month) And they had a combined party at the Fun Center in Sandy. The kids had SO much fun. There were bounce places and a jungle gym thing that they kids could get lost in for hours. Not to mention the roller skating, games, pizza, cake and ice cream. Here are the kids: Far left Jack, Hunter, Georgia, Sam and Alexandra. The only one missing is Maya who wouldn't sit down to eat she just wanted to play. The picture is horrible but it was from my phone. Why oh why did I forget my camera. Sam, Jack and Georgia were sliding down one of the bounce slides and holding hands it was such a photo op. What kind of mother am I? But I was not alone. Georgia's mother wondered why she didn't bring her camera as well. For Jack's surprise party I am totally going to remember to bring the camera and get some shots of Sam with his little buddies.

Cousins and Snow

These are a couple of pictures of Sam and cousins Hayden and Cambridge playing in the snow a couple of days after Christmas. Sam and Cambridge had a blast and so did Hayden but as she is a California girl she didn't have much immunity to the cold. I think Sam and Cambridge tried to convince her that it would be fun (even cold) but she did not agree. She told me that being cold "is not fun." So cute.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Budding photographer...

Sam loves to take pictures with my camera here are a few masterpieces...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We were driving to work/school the other morning and this guy pulled right out in front of me so I said loudly you IDIOT! And Sam from the back said said Mommy that is a bad word. He is right it was a bad word. So I said I was sorry for saying a bad word. The guy pulled in front of me and I was worried and frustrated. But I should not say bad words. Sam said very haughtily, "I do NOT accept your apology." The way he said it was so funny. I said, ok when you are ready to accept my apology let me know. I don't know where he got that... I always accept his apologies. It was pretty funny.

He is such a stellar kid. His teacher told me today that they have a new student and Sam has been extra special nice to him and very helpful making him feel welcome. Sam has a great heart. Just don't call him Samuel. He doesn't' like it. Which is sad because I love to call him Samuel. But he is Sam. He will look at you and say, "My name is Sam!" If you call him anything other than that ... not Sammy, no Sam-o-rama ... Sam. Period. I like that he will tell me what he thinks. Makes things a lot easier in my perspective.


So Sam and I were driving home from school the other day and Sam says, "I don't want to go to heaven." I thought that was a strange statement so I asked him why and he said very seriously, "Well I might be walking along and then fall through a cloud!" I was trying not to laugh because he was very serious. So we talked about it for a few minutes and then he said well maybe in heaven I will be able to fly and then I won't fall. There you go. No falling through the clouds in heaven. Where does he get this stuff? I love his imagination.