Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Super Star = Sam

2005 Birthday = We had just moved into our new apartment - literally I think that day or just a couple days before his birthday. I just love how he likes to cuddle and sit next to me on the couch, even to this day he is a snuggler and I love it.

2006 Birthday = Sam loves superheros, especially Spiderman and Batman. He is my superhero. He is always willing to help clean the house or run errands with me. He is a great helper.

2007 Birthday = Sam has a wonderful sense of humor. I love to hear him laugh it is contagious. He tells wonderful stories and has an amazing imagination.

2008 Birthday = Sam is a Lego Master. He can build anything. He is so patient sitting there building, he could do it for hours and hours. He likes to follow the directions, once; and then he likes to build and create and imagine his own things. And doesn't he have the best smile!

2009 Birthday = Sam loves anything green. And if it is army green that is even better. He wants a green car, a green house, green clothes and if it were possible a green dog, however, he will settle for a regular dog ASAP please.

2010 Birthday = The night before his birthday my friend, Kacy, brought over balloons and stuff to surprise him but he was still awake. He was so good staying in his room. He knew something was going on downstairs but he was obedient. When I went back up stairs he was sitting in his room in the dark. He said he felt like it was Christmas. Then he said you got me a snuggie and I couldn't help it I smiled. He said, "I knew it, I just knew it." He really wanted a snuggie. Sam is my best boy. He is bright and funny, loving and cuddly, head strong and energetic. I am so glad he is my son.