Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Six

So I had a few conspiracy theories thinking that honestly was it really random who the dancers picked as partners I am still not sure but at least I know they are not putting people together that have never been together as the partnerings show. I was convinced that it would be the following as they had never danced together: Katee & Mark; Courtney & Twitch; Chelsie & Joshua but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. (Me and wrong are getting along lately).

First let's talk about the solos. Chelsie was up first and can she move those hips. Her dance genre is always hard because she is supposed to have a partner but she is hot, hot hot.

Twitch has the best solos no doubt about it. He is such an amazing creator. I love his musicality and humor. And that was the best that Cat put his gold teeth in her mouth.
Katee is so beautiful. Her lines and the way she moves is grace in motion.

Joshua is so powerful and strong. I liked it alot (not as much as Twitch but very cool)

Courntey she can be so elegant when she wants to be and today she won me over.

Mark so quirky so fun. I love the way he moves.

So here are the non conspirital partnerings. Mark and Courtney. I was a little worried by this as they seemed to be the weakest links but wow did they ever come out fighting. Their first dance was a Venetian Waltz and it was beautiful, elegant and romantic. I loved it, it flowed and moved and was just classy. Their second dance was a Jazz number by Sonja who I have to admit is a pretty funky choreographer and I wonder how America feels but I loved it. I loved the flip on the beat they did, wow. It was way cool. Very memorable.

Back together again, Katee and Joshua. Holy Contemporary. It was amazing that running catch in the air splits thing ... I am speechless. There was so much passion and strength and wow. Wow. It was amazing. I said that already but I can't stop. Amazing! Next that had a Pasa Doable and I thought great another one but again I think it was the best I have seen well maybe not as good and the Neil/Sabra from last year but a very close second.

Cheslie and Twitch. The Mambo. I thought great for Chelsie ummm for Twitch but wow did they pull it off. That girl's hips have hot the energizer bunny beat. It was so fast and so fun. I loved it. Then they did a hip hop and I thought great for Twitch ummm for Chelsie but again I was floored. I loved the concept from Tabitha and Napoleon of the quarreling conductors. It was great I loved it.

Did you notice a theme here? I loved it. Yes I loved every number. This was an amazing show. As for predictions. Nigel had it right when he said that the two that go home it isn't because they did not do well it was just the others got the votes. He said anyone of the dancers could go to the final and I agree. But although we would love for all to go only four get on the hot tamale train. So who do I think? I think Katee and Joshua are in for sure. I think Chelsie will beat out Courtney. And as for the final guy sadly I think Twitch will be sent home. I have predicted Mark for so many weeks and been wrong (happily) but I think after last night he may have pulled it through to be in the final.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I am right...

Monday, July 28, 2008


Ooh 'bacation' is so very nice. Sam and I took last week off and I mean we took it off. I don't think I even looked at a computer. No wait we did when I went to the Library I looked up some Lego Indiana Jones walkthroughs because I couldn't pass the first level but other than that I was technologically free. It was brilliant. We hiked, we colored, we painted, we played, we relaxed. Now if that isn't the prefect vacation I don't know what is.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Sam's hands

Sam came to work with me today. He didn't feel well and we tried school but it was a no go. After he got here he snuggled down in my bosses recliner and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After that he began to feel a bit better and he helped me with some scanning. He loves to use the scanner after we had done the word he scanned his hands and we photoshopped them together. I think it turned out very nicely. Then he started to feel sick again so he is laying down in my bosses office watching CareBears. We will go in a few minutes after I send out a report that must be sent at a certain time on Friday.

Sam is such a fun boy. I am glad he came to work with me today. He got to meet some of my friends (I love to show him off!) It is nice that today is a good day for him to come. I like having him so close. Well I am off to check in him. I think he is asleep actually. That is when you know that he is sick.

Well we are off for our vacation. Hope you are all having a wonderful July!!!

Mosiac Me...

Here are the instructions:
1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Use only the first page of results, and pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

Onto the questions and my answers:

1. What is your first name? Elizabeth - I typed in my name and this photo is titled Elizabeth and I thought it looked really cool. Very Goth. I liked!

2. What is your favorite food? Orange chicken - no I don't eat baby chickens but isn't that the cutest picture I love it! Sooo cute.

3. What high school did you go to? Hamilton Southeastern High School....home of the Royals. The far left is cut off but there was a person with a Royals sweatshirt and you could see it really well so red and blue!

4. What is your favorite color? Blue - So I was debating and debating and I couldn't decide between blue and red so I typed in blue and look at this beautiful picture that I got with a hint of lovely red. I very much like this photo.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Christian Bale - Honestly some things never change. I have loved him since Newsies, Swing Kids, Little Women, ... ooh so fine. And now that he is a hot superhero too yum gotta love that!

6. What is your favorite drink? Diet Coke - I actually have been trying to get off the carbonated drink train but man it is hard to jump off a caffeinated train!

7. What is your dream vacation? India - I would honestly LOVE to go there and see all the color and smell all the spices. Really it was a toss up between India and China (I liked the India picture better!)

8. What is your favorite dessert? Brownies with ice cream - I am a simple girl, give me a simple dessert.

9. What did you want to be when you grow up? Writer - I wanted to be a writer - I love that ink picture. I still want to be a writer and I am working on it ... honestly!

10. What do you love most in life? My Sam - When I typed in his name this was one of the first pictures up such innocence and beauty just like my boy. I love him more than words can express.

11. What is one word that describes you? Imagination - I love to imagine and tell stories and when my life has been rough I have been able to imagine it getting better and look what happens when you believe - I love that rose so delicate and beautiful gets my imagination rearing to go...

12. What is your nick name? Liz - simple easy to remember. I don't think the picture is simple but you will definitely remember it. It is funny and fun and I love it.

That was really fun.

Boy was I WRONG!

So did I have it wrong or what first I thought there was a bottom three but they only put two people on the hot coals. So I was right I guess about who would be in the bottom but was I seriously wrong about who was sent packin'

First the group number was way cool. I love that Bollywood stuff. I love India. I want to go there someday so it was fun to see the whole crew dancing. I thought Mia's was a little strange. The girls looked really washed out, I know that was the point but I am a vibrant color kinda person I have decided. The guys routine was so fun. Sam loved it. But he was confused about the five guys named Mo thing. It was funny.

The choice of the guys (to me) was just plain hard. I thought they all were great and gave 110% but I really thought Mark was going home. I am sad that Gev is gone. I really like him. He added a lot to the show. I am glad that he will be on the tour.

The real surprise for me was Kherington. Wow. I know that I haven't really liked her but I thought for sure Comfort was going home again.

Crazee. Well let's all tune in next week :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Second Chance...

So at the beginning of last night's show after the whole name calling thing Cat points out that there were only 9 dancers and asks "did anyone notice who was missing" and honestly I did not know. I was like ummm hint please. Come on out with it Cat. So it was Jessica. Hmmm no wonder I didn't even notice. So she broke her ribs sometime ago and finally went to the doctor and she has to sit it out for the next four weeks. That is sad. Cause honestly she would have been eliminated tonight either way so whatever. But the surprise, surprise news is that they bring back Comfort. She is one lucky chica. She is excited and blown away and really so is America. Ok well good luck Comfort let's get on with the show.

First I will talk about the couples and then the solos. So as SYTYCD veterans you will know that now that we are down to the top 10 partners change every week. Kinda exciting! First up Courtney picks Joshua. Their first number was good I liked it but the second number was so fun. I thought (especially Joshua) was amazing. That was a seriously fun dance.

Next up my not-so-favorite-girl and my favorite guy and ummm what just happened? It was actually painful to watch. Two-step ... who knew that was the dance that would crush Kherington and Mark. But it was bad. And painful. Even Nigel said he was willing it to be over so it could end for them. Not good. Then their second dance was ok, Nigel hit it when he said it was technically great but after you checked off all the boxes you were still feeling blah. I think Mark does an awesome job when he is given a character or a story something to play up but when Tyce said just dance (I got nervous right then!).

Twitch and Comfort umm doing ballroom? Oh boy. The judges were not impressed but I was ... I thought they did a really respectable job. They are hip hop people. Anyway I did not think the judges harshness was called for ... BUT their second dance hip hop with Dave ouch! That was so cool. I loved seeing two excellent hip hoppers gettin' buck. Wow did I just write that it doesn't seem right but you SYTYCDers know what I am talkin' about ... It was WAY good.

Now onto some real awesomeness. Katee and Will. Talk about a match made in dance heaven. They are both such amazing and strong dancers. I loved both of their numbers but the Broadway number for me was the best. It was so fun and lively. Loved it. The Pasa du was great as well. They are amazing.

And to round it all out Chelsie and Gev. I really liked their numbers as well. The judges were a little hard on Gev but I think they really pulled it out. Gev and Chelsie are both so dang cute. And that Jive whoa Chelsie but Gev kept it up ... he was there he did it! I liked it.

Now to the solos. I think it is hard to make predictions from solos but I will just say that I thought Chelsie, Gev, Mark, Twitch, Katee, Will and Joshua hit their solos right on. (yes that is all five guys - I love them all!) The others were ok. No one was bad but at this stage no one should be.

So who do I think America will send home. Sadly I think Comfort's number is up again. Poor girl. And I think Kherington and Courtney will be in the bottom with her. As for the guys your guess is probably better than mine. I think the bottom might be Mark, Gev and Twitch ... no Will ... no Joshua ... no I have no idea ... with who going home? I have no idea. Maybe ... Mark?

Let's all tune in tonight to see who gets cut... Oh and I talked with some friends and we are going to get tickets and have a girls night out and go see the tour. Should be some serious fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ride the Reading Wave

So guess how many books I have read in the last few days? Go ahead ... guess. Well here they are: The Secret of the King by Rachel Ann Nunes (which I have actually read several times to Sam but is a GREAT children's book.) I love the story of the two kids who just want to help and they think the only way to help is by joining the army and then learning how they have skills that the king needs. We like reading this book.

The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts (a novel for kids between 8-12). I had a friend encourage me to read this book. I wasn't so sure as I am not really a children's book reader but I loved it. We are all different sometimes it is easy to see like silver eyes and others it isn't I hope Sam will read it when he gets a bit older.

The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau (a young adult book) that I really enjoyed. I got this book in the sci-fi/fanstasy section but I haven' figured out the sci-fi/fantasy part but that didn't stop me from really enjoying it. It is about a girl and boy who live in Ember a city that is always dark and the lights are failing and the choices they make to save the day. I have the second book in the series on hold. Maybe it will be more sci-fi-ish but even it it isn't it will be a great book. Then I read Paragon Walk by Anne Perry (a mystery novel). I loved the first one and this was good too just not as good.

And to round it out The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings (a fantasy fiction novel). I love reading Eddings. I love his characters and the families he creates. This was a little slow getting started but it was great once I got into it. If you like fantasy you will love this book.

You may ask you self why so many book in the last few days. My answer: July. You may ask what has July got to do with it? And I would answer work ... or perhaps that lack thereof. July is the month that all by bosses retreat, leave, vanish, disappear. So I bring a book just in case. I have gotten up to date on all conference reports, cleaned out my desks, updated my folders, recreated my job 'bible', finished three projects, done two other peoples jobs (they are on vacation) and I still am bored. AND it is only July 15th. I need to learn how to be less efficient. It would help if one of the jobs that I taking care of while she is vacationing actually had a few things to do ... she does 10 week letters, letters that we send to presidents before their conferences, but do you know what is 10 weeks away ... GENERAL CONFERENCE ... no 10 week letters. Alas!

But I have been having fun. Don't feel too bad for me. I have read five books in the last couple of days. And I have played around with digital scrap booking. And I am almost done with my prep work for the novel I am going to write for NaNoWriMo in November.

And I am taking all of next week off so I better get all my play time in now cause July will be over before I know it. Sometimes my job is like a raging white river and then it slows down to a trickling stream but before I know it that raging white river is going to be sneaking up on me and before I even hear the roar of the water I will be in the thick of it again .. HA! How is that for imagery ... hmmm back to my book Song in the Silence by Elizabeth Kerner ...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pirate Pool

Saturday I picked up Sam and his friend Hunter from school a bit early and we headed over to the Davis County Recreation Center which has on outdoor play are we like to call the Pirate Pool. Sam was really excited to share this place with his friend. It is always more fun with a friend. Sam and Hunter played in the pool for about an hour and a half non stop.

Avast me hearties!

Gazing at the pool I made them get out. Sam said he wanted to stay in the Pirate Pool forever.

After the pool and while we were waiting for Hunter's mom the boys got to try the climbing wall. Both had a great time. Sam says he hopes he gets to have Hunter come play again soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Sam and I had a great time a couple of weeks ago at my brother's house. Above Sam and his cousins are having fun. Down below are a couple pictures of us with smores ... hmmm so yummy. Yes I am holding two smores one was Sam's that he sucked all the marshmallow out and it was kinda gross. But I did eat.

Here are two little angels that were born just a week apart (or less maybe I can't remember).

And here is the house that Sam was jumping off...

We are going back for the 24th should be fun. Sam and his cousin are going to sleep outside!!

And then there were 10...

If you DVRed or Tivoed So You Think You Can Dance and have not seen the whole show or the results (i.e. my sister) please do not read ****SPOILER****

Ok so apparently me and the rest of America agreed that the judges extra lovin was not justified when it came to Kherington but I was honestly surprised to find them in the bottom. But I, like Nigel, was glad because seeing Twitch dance was awesome. His musicality is amazing. If you have not seen his solo you should YouTube it cause it was very cool. Sick even. (I don't know why the judges use all these words that mean bad things that are really good, sick, ridiculous, gross I just don't get it... anyway...) Kherington was beautiful too and they both quickly and easily went straight back to the bleachers with the rest of the gang.

The girls were first and after sending Kherington to safety they basically told both of them that they both lacked. But it seems the hot and steamy and sexual dance saved Jessica yet again. I read a blog that said Jessica is good but not great. That pretty much sums it up. But if I were Jessica I would pack my bags. Look who she is left in competition with ... Kherhington so not going home ... Chelsie not a chance ... Katee puhleease ... Kourtni I don't think so ... I am just sayin. Not that Comfort deserved to stay her solo was lacking. It was like she knew she was going home and just didn't put any effort in it was so ever.

The guys. As I have already said they pretty much just shoved Twitch back off stage and left Will and Thane. Like anyone in their right mind thought they were going to cut Will. I mean honestly. They gave him kudos and sent him back to the gallery. Thane was cut. Nigel did say to Thane if they had their way they would be sending two girls home tonight. And he would have been able to stay. I agree. Thane has not always been the best but if you look back at his work he really does give it all, maybe if he had been partnered with Katee or Cheslie or Kherington he would have had a chance to shine. Oh and don't feel too bad for Thane Mia practically offered him a job the night before and Nigel told him that he is going to be working for Mia soon ... so don't get weapy for Thane is sittin' pretty with Mia.

So goodbye Comfort and Thane we won't be seeing you on the tour. That is only for the top 10. Guess what they finally decided to make a stop in SLC. So I am going... even if I have to go alone!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ooh ooh Bollywood

Tonight's show was kinda hmmm for me. The blatant sexuality is getting my nerves, hey I am all about passion give me some passion but pure sex no thanks. I read a blog that joked that the numbers should have been 900 numbers instead of 888 because the sexuality was so ... well sexual. And what on earth was Mia wearing on her head? I love this woman, she is brilliant but she should fire her stylist because that was just wrong.

Ok sorry for the rant onto the show. First up was Chelsie and Mark and I love them. Their first number was hot (and yes a little sexual but not over the top at least I didn't think so...) The judges were a little hard on Mark, what do they expect perfection? But were all joy and gladness for Chelsie which I thought was justified. Their second numbers was fun too. As much as I love them they are my favorites neither number was a rush out and post it on my blog number I actually think they might be in trouble. Which makes me very sad and very scared.

Comfort and Thane, poor Comfort and Thane. The thing is the judges were seriously harsh but I didn't think it was that bad. Granted the chemistry is not there but they danced it. Thane who isn't a bopper danced it and it seemed only Mia had words of encouragement. There second attempt though was just as bad and Nigel said it, the choreography was beautiful I wanted to see someone else dance it. Chelsie and Mark or Katee and Joshua wow that would have been amazing. They are definitely in trouble.

The judges and I really disagreed about Will and Jessica. The hot Tyce number that was WAY over the top I thought and where were their clothes? I don't think the judges even talked about the dance they were just all hot and bothered. I didn't like it. I thought Will was amazing (per usual) and I guess Jessica carried her own but it wasn't all that and a bag of chips like the judges seemed to think. And the second number was worse. Mia got it right when she said Will just looks tired of carrying Jessica and that he needs a new partner. Wow I was thinking it but telling them right to their faces ... ouch! If I were Jessica I would be packing my bags. But then I thought about it and once in the top ten they change partners every week so maybe she doesn't have to be worried. ... Maybe ...

I have always liked Courtney and Gev, not loved but liked but this week I think they were the only couple that gave two consistent, great dances. They are really cute. They just work well together and have a very natural chemistry.

Krump. I know it is supposed to be cool but I just don't like it so I was trying to look past the dance and look at the dancers and I thought Twitch was amazing but again the judges were all praise for Kherington and she totally messed up and all her steam went out about half way through the dance both Nigel and Mia ignored it (that was their own word for looking past her mistake) and said she did a great job. Why? Why does she get a 'good job Kherington' when Mark gets slammed for not keeping his frame and poor Comfort and Thane are ripped to shreds. I don't get the judges sometimes. But on their second number I thought they were, sadly, spot on. There was no chemistry and it was like they both gave up, maybe they were both just really tired from Krumping?

Last Katee and Joshua. The judges didn't seem to like their waltz but I did (course I am not a professional dancer) but I thought it was really beautiful. Katee has amazing lines. But the Bollywood dance that was so fun. I am really glad they put it on the show cause it was fun.

So my predictions. I think Comfort and Thane are for sure in the bottom. I can't see who would save them so it might be curtains. Rounding out the bottom is a harder deal I think Jessica and Will but the judges will save Will immediately. I wonder if they will give Comfort one more chance and send Jessica packing. As for the third couple in the bottom. I think whomever it is will be safe ... I hope because I think it might be Chelsie and Mark. Here is hoping that it isn't as they are my favorites...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tagged ... by Jenny

I was tagged by my good friend Jenny to go through my house and some of my favorites... I just followed the list man. Just followed the list. It was fun thanks Jenny!

My Laundry Pile

The clean clothes are on the bed just waiting to be folded ... yeah that might happen today ... maybe. The dirty clothes I am going to carry down to the washer right now ... honest ... I AM!

My Toilet

Ok, so Jenny said I couldn't clean but I was going to clean anyway before I even knew about the challenge I was going to clean so cleaning is ok if I was going to do it anyway ... right!

My Favorite Pair of Shoes

This one was hard cause I several pair of shoes that I like but these are SOOO comfortable and I love to wear them so they made the cut. They funny thing is I am sure they were hand-me-downs from someone but I can't remember who ... well whoever you were THANK YOU!

My Closet

Sooo obviously this is not my closet it is the outside of my fridge but some how in the transfer of files I lost the closet picture ... not exactly sure how but I did end up with two fridge pictures so here you go. And my closet isn't even that bad...

My Fridge

Ok so right after I took this picture I cleaned it out (how proud are you Jenny that I didn't take the picture AFTER!!!) It was bad. Really bad. But hey that is what these kinds of things are for ... motivation!!!

My Sink

Not that happening. It is jut a sink but it is clean. Yippie! I really dislike doing dishes. I love to cook but hate the dishes hence I rarely cook.

My Favorite cleaning product

I added this (wasn't on the original list) but I love this stuff. It smells clean. That is what I like. Clean. Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. Whoa I am almost out ... gotta run to the store!

My Favorite Room

I love to hang out and read, and watch tv and play Wii with Sam here in our living room. I also like to jump on my elliptical machine over there in the corner.

My Kid - What he is going right now...

What else? Playing Lego Star Wars ... umm excuse me I need to join the battle...

My-Self Portrait...

I should have had Sam take the picture he is a pretty good little photographer ... oh well maybe next time!

Monday, July 7, 2008

This is the Place and America Day

On the Fourth of July I decided that we would take a kid friendly hike behind This is the Place monument and then head across the street to the zoo. It was a good plan but when we got to This is the Place we saw the town (which I had never noticed before) and decided to head in there first. We got there about 10:30a.m. and we didn't leave until about 4:00 p.m. It was a blast and a half.

Sam had been there before with his class so when we walked through the gates he said, "let go do some chores!" ...

After the chores we went to the animal care area (that is what Sam called it) and he got to pet and play with some little sheep and goats, he got to ride a bull, and he got to ride a real horse! He was pretty excited about it all.

He got to make four crafts, he made an "America Day" necklace (that is what Sam calls the day). He made an Indian sand painting. He made a whistle. And he made a wooden star wind wheel. That was some serious crafting. We also played Crockett, played in the kid town, rode the train and Sam got to go to school and play some games with other kids. It was a great day!

When we were at the school. The teacher asked Sam if he wanted to stay in the school house or go ride the train. Sam said he would rather stay in school. We had such a wonderful day. When we left we grabbed some food and headed to Sugar House Park to camp out and wait for the fireworks.

Sam played at the park. I tried to convince him to sit down and take a nap but that was a no go. (it was obvious later that he would have been a happier camper if he had taken a nap but oh well ... the only problem happened when we were walking back to the car ... he told me he was going to sleep for a week!) We did lay on the blanket in the shade and played some fierce rounds of Go Fish. Later we went down to the bottom of the hill and watched people playing frisbee, after almosting hitting us three times one group invited Sam to come play. He loved it. When the sun went down we put glow in the dark items all over Sam. His ankles, wrists and around his neck. The people next to us called him the glow-in-the-dark-kid. The fireworks were amazing. We had a wonderful day.