Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chemistry and Field Trip Fun

Sam LOVES science. And one of his favorite things to do is science experiments. He got this great book for Christmas about fun and easy experiments. This one is where you mix vinegar and baking soda to make the balloon blow up all by itself. He really liked it and when he got home he even remembered all the ingredients and we did it at our house too. What a smart kid I have!

Sam had so much fun on his field trip to the zoo. By the way he does actually own a coat but for some unknown reason only wants to wear this jacket that I have to wash only at night because it does not matter if it is dirty he must wear it. He loves riding the carousel and playing with his friends. I wish I had been there but after taking ten days off for Christmas I felt I could not take the time but after seeing all the fun pictures I wish I had. Maybe next year!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Photos (Better late than never!)

Sam and I had a great Christmas. On the Eve we went down to my uncle Brent's house, both Sam and I had a great time. Sam played with all his cousins; running, screaming, jumping. I played Guitar Hero with Landon. SO MUCH FUN! We left early as to avoid getting caught in the horrible snow storm that did not show up until the next day. Oh well :)

Christmas Day was magical. We opened presents, ate yummy food and snuggled on the couch. I can not imagine a better day. We missed spending time with extended family but we definitely enjoyed being home, safe and warm. Enjoy the pictures!

Sam has Lego fever!!!

Whoa - what a mess! We had SOOO much fun making it. Sam got some great loot but I must say he was a little disappointed in the amount of clothes he got. I guess he cares less about being clothed than having toys to play with fortunately he has a loving mother who is willing to take the eye rolling at Christmas when he opened another clothing item :) Poor kid!

Here is my little helper. He loves to use the swifer vacuum - best purchase I ever made.

Sam talking on Mom's new cell phone... hey wait that is my Christmas present...

He took a picture of me while I took a picture of him. He deleted my picture ... oh well :)

We had so much fun putting together his Lego helicopter thing. Can't do Lego without hot chocolate and popcorn snacks!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nightmare on Christmas

I do not watch scary movies. I just don't. First of all I live alone with my son, no big bad man to keep me safe in the dark night. Second, I have an overactive imagination. Third, I am a wimp. So a couple nights before Christmas I had put Sam to bed and decided to go downstairs and change the laundry from the washer to the dryer (I know Marie it was a miracle I remembered!). I go downstairs and decide to not turn on any lights but the light in the laundry room because I am stupid. Anyway, I hear Sam sneaking down the stairs. I put the laundry in the dryer and prepare to be scared by Sam because that is one of his favorite things to do. I go out of the laundry room and Sam is standing in the dim hallway then very kids-in-the-Shining-like points with his thumb at our front door and says, "someone is at the door"....

Remember no lights on. I walk slowly towards Sam peak my head around the corner to look at our front door. It is WIDE open and a dark shadowy person is standing in the doorway.

I actually died for a moment. My heart stopped beating, blood stopped flowing, and no air filled my lungs. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life!

Then my Relief Society president said, "It is just me..." just me my foot. Then I walk towards the door. She tells me Sam let her in and I turn to glare at him but she says he did look out and he does know her. Blah, blah ... I am getting a lock that he cannot reach so he can NEVER open the door again. She gave me whatever it was that she was going to give me (I cannot for the life of me remember what it was) and left.

I got Sam back to bed. I think he might have been half asleep anyway. And then sat trembling in my bed for hours. I slept with the light on that night.

Yet another reason to not watch scary movies...