Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vocal Point

I am sitting at my desk on Thursday afternoon and get a random email from one of the secretaries in the building. That happens more often than one would think, I was about to delete when I thought hmmm could have some interesting information. So I pop open the email and open the first attachment, classical music on a Saturday afternoon, hmmm no. Not that I don't like classical music, especially in the afternoon on a Saturday but I never know when I am or am not going to have Sam and he can only take so much classical music. Thinking that yes, I should just close the email and get back to work I open the next attachment. Vocal Point in the small theater - just across the street! Awesome. Not so awesome it is on Saturday, this Saturday. I call up the ticket office thinking they will be sold out. NOPE! I scored three tickets. I invited a friend that I was supposed to go see a movie with on Saturday but then I ended up having Sam so no movie for us but fortunately or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it - she couldn't go. Sam wanted to invite his friend Aiden.

We had perfect seats, not that there are any bad seats in a theater that seats 1,000 people. After we sat down my boss sat down next to us so I told the kids, "Be REALLY good!" I didn't really need to tell them that, they were well behaved gentlemen.

The concert was so fun. It was funny, uplifting, high quality entertainment. I asked the boys what their favorite songs were: Sam said his was Game Day which is very entertaining to watch and Aiden said his favorite was when 'that guy' (that would be Tanner) did the beat boxing thing. I have to admit that was one of my favorite moments too. I loved every moment but I thought it was hilarious when the 'deep base guy' (that would be Robert) did an Elmo voice, the best Elmo impersonation I have ever heard and then when one of the other members said "What part does Elmo sing?" He said in an Elmo voice, "Elmo likes to sing..." And then in a really deep rich base "BASE" So funny. They also sang some spiritual songs.

At the end they said they would be signing autographs at Deseret Book both Sam and Aiden looked at me with big eyes and pleading faces. Oh alright, we'll go. Happy children!

 Tanner and Robert were so cute with the kids asking them their names and what their favorite songs were both Sam and Aiden asked to see Tanner's 'neck' mic - I have never seen anything like it! We learned a lot about beatboxing!
 I wish the pics weren't so blurry but everything happened so fast. Sam was so excited to shake McKay's hand. They were all so friendly and great with the kids.
 Smiley happy people!
I couldn't pass up the chance to buy a CD and let the boys get signatures. Both of them were like "I am going to keep mine forever", "I am going to protect it from the ninjas" Seriously they were so funny about it.

The night was so fun. Thanks Aiden for coming with us we had a FANTASTIC time!


Dede said...

Liz, you do such wonderful things with Sam. This is a memory he will have for a very long time.

Susan said...

hehe look at that smile on sam's face! Love it!
I like that they are protecting their cd's from the ninja's lol