Monday, February 28, 2011

It's March ... Already!

I often think my life is boring, well if it is so boring how did January and February fly by so fast? I have a few clues that may lead me to understand how these two relatively long months flew past.

First, my Sam turned 8 years old on January 27th. He is such an amazing kid. He fills my life with laughter and stories and wild imagination. I went to his school the day after his birthday to share a birthday treat and play a game, we made Lego puzzles for all the kids. It was really fun. I loved watching Sam interact with his class. I don't get to do that very often but it is really one of my most favorite things.

We had fun planning Sam's Pirate themed party at the local aquetics center. My favorite part was watching him try to eat with a pirate eye patches on both his eyes.

Second, two weeks after Sam turned 8 he was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a perfect day. And I do mean perfect. I had been stressing about the day for months, no need to go into the details but I just worried it would not be great. Then a couple days before I just felt peace, I felt that God was looking out for Sam and it was going to be a beautiful day and it was, it was perfect. I felt blessed to have so many family and friends come and show their love for Sam. He looked amazing in white and his smile was contagious. Brother Randy Benson baptized Sam. He has been our Home Teacher for over six years. Sam loves him like a grandpa.

Third, Sam joined the ranks of the cub scouts. I'll be honest scouts scare me (funny my sister Facebooked me the same sentence!) but really scouts scare me. It also seems to want to nickle and dime me into poverty but that is a story for another time. Sam looks so dang cute in his blue shirt. At his blue and gold banquet last week they had made short films to show the parents. Sam's group was the best. It really was so funny. I think I may have an actor on my hands. He did a really great job.

So the past few months have gone by fast and furious. I don't think it will slow down any so hopefully I will be better about blogging but probably not. Here is the update. I still can't believe it is March 2011.