Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is that time of year again. I was not going to do it this year but when October rolled around all I could think of was NaNo starts in November. What am I going to write?
Then I had an idea about a huge empire that took care of the people living within the original country/kingdom but mistreated the 'colonies' some of which were the moons surrounding the planet. They bring 'worthy' warriors out of the colonies to become empire guards or whatever. My MC Riley is from one of the moon colonies. The reason the empire peeps are bringing in outside muscle is that they are guarding a dirty little secret. Anyway that is a start.
Problem is this is the first time I have written from a male POV. I find I am struggling. So now with only a few weeks to go I am thinking of striking the whole idea and writing a different story back with my good ol' female POV but then I feel like that is giving up. NaNo is hard enough to write without struggling with the main character. But just now I thought I could write from third person which would mean I wouldn't have to get into my MCs head. Hmmm choices, choices. Nevertheless and notwithstanding I am doing NaNo this year. What exactly I am going to write it yet to be determined.