Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puppy Luv

Sam and I went to visit a friend whose dog just had puppies. You see below Sam with Zeek - the daddy! And what a daddy. He is a huge mass of muscle but a sweet kind BIG dog. Sam loved Zeek he wanted to take him home. Sam loved this puppy. He said it was his. Too bad he was already sold. Not that we could have taken a puppy home anyway because we can't have dogs at our apartment not to mention the fact that I am allergic to the cute little pups.

Just look at Sam's face. Pure love and excitment is what that is. Pure. He played and loved and played with those dogs for hours and then slept all the way home. He does not take naps anymore, naps are for babies says he, but he was so tired he zonked right out. I think before we even left their driveway.
Sam is loving soccer. His little team is getting their act together and they have stopped running around like a swarm of bees. He loves being the 'defender' there is no goalie in his league so they call it the 'defender' instead. We may have a future goalie on our hands.

Sam and I went to the zoo on a teacher work day. It was crazy fun and a bit cold. The two thumbs up is his new thing. Can't wait for summer and more zoo trips.