Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Get Economical

I need to do some serious picture catch up, we have been very busy this summer.But in the mean time I am going to update some funny things Sam has said recently. We were driving in the car and Sam told me that "in the cowboy days when they burped they did not say excuse me which is why it is called the wild west." I really tried not to laugh because he was very serious about it.

While my parents were here Sam took a day off from summer camp and played with the grandparents while I was at work. On the drive there Sam had some chocolate milk which he spilled on his yellow shirt. My dad pointed at the stain and said looks like you have a problem (joking) and Sam looked down at his shirt pulled his arms in switched the shirt around and said, "happy?"

Later that day Sam was at the grocery store and picked up a giant size Hersey candy bar. He asked if he could have it which my dad said no. Sam put it back without a fight or a tear. Then when they were in the check out line he picked up another Hersey bar (the regular size) and said, "how about this one Papa, it is more economical." How could he resist that? Sam got his candy bar. I swear that kid is way too smart for his own good sometimes :)