Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a great Easter this year. Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt with Sam's school friends. It was a little chilly but very fun. After we played at the park and I got to sit and chat with the other parents. So fun.

Sunday we went to Church. When I asked Sam what Easter was about he rolled his eyes and said, "Duh, Jesus." Well ok, can't argue with the correct answer. After church we came home and colored Easter day pictures. It was a great day.

Sam on the "Merry Wheel" - he came running up to me, yelling, "Mom can I ride the Merry Wheel!" He rode it forever. I can't even watch it. I get sick to my stomach.

Sam and his buddies from school. They all banked in the egg department. Last year we went to a city Easter egg hunt. Sam got three eggs. This year his basket was overflowing. More candy than any kid needs.

We got there early so we helped hide the eggs. If you look past Sam up the hill that is where they 'hid' most of the eggs. They got a great work out as well as hunting for the eggs, they needed to expend the energy considering how much candy they all got.

Sunday morning. Sam found the eggs pretty fast but it took some time to find the basket - that sneaky Easter bunny. He got a DS game from the bunny and pretty much did not care about the candy. He also got a green fuzzy frog. I always got stuffed animals from the Easter bunny. So Sam got one too. He named him Emerald.

Here is Sam and Emerald playing the DS. :)