Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Handsome Sam the dog lover

Isn't Sam totally handsome in his suit and tie? He loves dressing up for Church so he can look like the 'water-boys' (i.e. priests who bless the sacrament).
I love this picture of Sam. He is such a great kid.

Here is Sam with his cousin Hailey. I use the term cousin loosely. In my family you have too. She is actually my cousin's daughter. Which makes her what to Sam, second cousin? First cousin once removed? I have no idea. And then there are the cousins that are my cousins but Sam's age. It gets confusing. So everybody is just a cousin. It is simpler that way. So Sam loves Hailey's puppies. Chad said we could have one and honestly I wished I could have taken him up on it because Sam LOVED that dog.

Here is Sam with his other cousin Berkley. Can you not feel the love?

Sam and his little buddy who was sold to someone else. Someday Sam ... someday!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bug!

We had a great time at Sam's Army Birthday Party. We played find the flag outside in the snow. It was actually a really beautiful day. Sam and the kids played Wii and other fun games in the house and of course opened presents and had cake with ice cream. We had such a great time with all our school friends.