Monday, January 30, 2012

Party Planet

Sam got lucky this year. We found a groupon for Planet Play with the best deal. Seriously the best so Sam got to take three friends to play laser tag, bumber cars, lots of video games, eat pizza and generally just have a good time. We all had so much fun. Even I wanted to try out the laser tag it looked so fun and non threatening. We were all exhausted when they day was over but it was so much fun. Let's do it again!

Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 Misadventures

It's funny that last time I wrote I spoke of trying to be better about blogging and then I never wrote again in 2011. It was a busy year and we had 'stuff'. Here are a few highlights:

I was co-conspirator with my friend Michele Ebright in planning our mission reunion. I think it ended up being perfect. It was so fun to see so many sisters. I think the furthest came from Australia but we had lots of people from lots of places. Can't wait til the next one!

We had a blast with our family at the Wood Family Reunion. Sam loves spending time with his Papa and Dede and his cousins, especially Cambridge. He loves taking care of Beckett and Jude and playing with Lincoln, Spencer and Hayden. The whole trip was loads of fun.

We went to the Utah Scottish festival for the first time and I can tell you we will be back again next year. We had so much fun. Who knew there was so much to do! Plus the root beer is to die for, I think I would pay to get in just to pay to get root beer, honestly it is that good!

Sam and I had our first gun experience. My uncle is a gun kinda guy showed us how it is done, safety first and then lots of fun. We had a great time with my parents, aunt and uncle and cousin. I think we need to do it again ... and soon!

Sam finished up summer with his summer play. This is his fourth year and it was fun as ever. He was a Merry Man in Robin Hood's band as well as one of the three little pigs in a side skit. It was so fun to watch his facial expressions, he really gets into his part. He was amazing!
Then summer was over we spent the week before school hanging out at the pool, spending a day at the zoo and partying it up at the Children's museum. I have to say to that I LOVE Sam's teacher this year. If you have children at Adelaide pray for Mrs. Packard because she has been a God-send to us.

Sam was a pirate for Halloween but I have to say when he is next to our cousin Kellen who was Wesley from Princess Bride he could pass for Inigo Montoya, don't you think? He made out like a pirate in the candy department - funny he probably won't eat half of it, he is more a salty kid. His favorite treat a bag of microwave popcorn!

Sam loves his counsin Cambridge. They email back and forth and Skype from time to time but nothing is better than a visit! Thanks for visiting!!!

Finally the holidays. We loved Chuckarama with the Lanham family. Sam said it was the best Thanksgiving ever because he got pepperoni pizza. I think here is a new tradition in our family. We had so much fun setting up our Turkey Tree and remembering all the things we have to be grateful for. I got to sing in a Christmas Choir for the first time in years. Sam was a superstar and would come to practice with me every Sunday night for two hours. So grateful he is such a good kid. We also got to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas performance, wow was it amazing! Finally, Christmas day and New Years. I loved being with Sam on those holidays. Remembering our Savior and bringing in the New Year with Sam is the best way to celebrate. 

Now it is time for 2012 and I am sure we will have plenty of misadventures!